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Experts on countries of origin by surname

Fatah, Dr Rebwar

The Expert has worked as an expert witness on the Middle East, producing Country Expert Reports (CER) for the past 20 years.

The Expert has produced on average between 200-300 reports each year on the MENA region for British, European, and US courts.

The Expert’s areas of expertise include tribal issues, gender-based violence, security issues, extremist groups and militias, human rights law and violations, the situation for minorities, trafficking, and the availability of medical services. In addition to CERs,

The Expert also authenticates documents from the region, and conducts nationality and ethnicity reports in order to assess the likely origin of an individual within MENA.

The Expert is able to conduct nationality assessments in Arabic, Farsi, Sorani, and Bahdini/Kurmanji.

Occupation: Director – Middle East Consultancy Services
Countries of expertise: Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Western Sahara, Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

Foxley, Tim

The Expert has been studying Afghanistan since 2001 as a UK government political and military analyst and also at the world-acclaimed international think-tank, SIPRI, in Stockholm. As of September 2016, he has completed over 160 Afghanistan Expert Reports for over 45 law firms.  He is very responsive to short notice deadlines, has a quick turnaround time and he is very happy to discuss early initial thoughts to assist you and your client at no obligation. He has excellent impartial research, analysis and communication skills and was awarded an MBE for his Afghanistan work in 2005. 

Performance feedback - judges

“Mr Foxley’s experience and expertise was undisputed by the Respondent at the hearing…I find that he is appropriately qualified to opine upon the matters contained within his report.  In addition, the report is based upon up to date material from reputable sources…the report reads as balanced and objective; it is not limited to only evidence and conclusions that support the Appellant’s claim.  For these reasons I accept Mr Foxley’s expertise and the relevant conclusions of his report…” (First Tier Tribunal Judge, 2020)

“Mr Foxley is a genuine expert.  He has been studying Afghanistan since 2001…I find that the report written by Mr Foxley is written in an even-handed manner and is well sourced.  I find that it is a most reliable document…I unhesitatingly agree with Mr Foxley’s analysis of what is likely to befall the Appellant if he is returned to his home area.”  (First Tier Tribunal Judge, 2018)

“Having read and carefully assessed [Mr Foxley’s] report, I was satisfied that it was a report of high quality, upon which I could place significant reliance.  Mr Foxley’s statements are properly backed by evidential bases which are fully outlined.  His report reads as balanced and objective, answering the question put of him with care and providing commentary which highlights both positive and negative aspects of the Appellant’s claim.”  (First Tier Tribunal Judge, 2017)

Performance feedback - lawyers

April 2020

“Thanks a lot for sending the report so quickly. It is very thorough and helpful. You have addressed all my questions in detail.  Thank you.”

March 2020

“xxxx's decision was decided and allowed.  The Judge relied a lot on your report so as ever
thank you very much for all your hard work.”

March 2020

“Hi Tim, thanks for all your hard work on xxxx’s report.  The judge was complimentary about your report – she had clearly considered it closely and accepted your conclusions - and the appeal was allowed.”

November 2019

“Thanks so much, Tim – the report is brilliant…Thanks again for working on this so quickly, it’s really helpful for us.”

November 2019

“P.S remember xxxx?  You prepared two reports in relation to him.  His appeal was allowed!  Client is very pleased - Great work”

October 2019

“Hi Tim, Report was excellent.  Client very happy.”

September 2019

“Thanks very much for this report.   It is extremely thorough and impressive work.”

Occupation: Independent analyst running a political/military research company specialising in issues concerning Afghanistan and the surrounding region
Countries of expertise: Afghanistan

Francis, Corinna-Barbara

China expert with 30+ years academic, human rights and human trafficking experience. 20+ years experience writing China country expert witness reports for UK asylum cases on wide range of substantive grounds. 5+ years experience as UK NRM first responder.

Occupation: Independent Consultant
Countries of expertise: China