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Understanding the UK visa system: Six things business bosses need to know

By Yash Dubal, 03 August 2022
In the past two years the UK immigration system has undergone a range of fundamental changes that can often seem confusing and contradictory. Popular visa routes have been closed, while new ones have been opened. Some new visas are very restrictive, and only applicable for people who have…

Out-of-wedlock children struggle to prove their identity in immigration

By Naga Kandiah and Samir Pasha, 25 July 2022
Identity of one's self is important in almost every aspect of one's life. And this is also the case when it comes to trying to prove your identity in the legal sphere, namely, immigration. This pursuit of identity has been problematic for those children born out of wedlock in countries…

How Britain’s new Prime Minister should approach immigration

By Yash Dubal, 19 July 2022
The Conservative Party leadership contest has so far illustrated to the world that if you are a migrant, Britain is the place to be. The diversity of the candidates in the first round was noteworthy. Of the 11 who declared they would run, six were of black or Asian heritage. Of those who…

New Guidance on Private Life and Relationships with Partner

By Danielle Cohen, 15 July 2022
At the end of June 2022 two new guidances were issued. The newly emerged guidance on private life which came into force on 20th June 2022 and a new policy guidance on relationships with a partner relating to Appendix relationships with partner. What is new? Under the new guidance on…

Zambrano EUSS Primary Carers “New” Guidance: Akinsanya and Velaj

By Alice Muzira, UK Immigration Justice Watch, 04 July 2022
"The Home Secretary has carefully considered the Court of Appeal judgment and has decided that she no longer wishes that definition in Appendix EU to reflect the scope of the 2016 Regulations (which have now been revoked) but wishes it to reflect the scope of those who, by the end of the…

Setting up a branch or subsidiary of an overseas business in the UK

By Helena Sheizon, Kadmos Consultants, 30 June 2022
There is no specific visa requirement for anyone who wants to register a business in the UK. However, this is not the same as working for or on behalf of the business. Ownership of a UK registered business does not give the owner residence rights and does not infer the right to work.…
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