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UK Child Visa Financial Requirements Explained

By Marika Cash, Richmond Chambers,
While we have recently seen significant increases to minimum income and salary requirements in several immigration routes (see our recent blog posts here and here), there is one small exception to the general trend: the Government has scrapped the requirement for Partner visa applicants…

Proof of continuous residence in the UK

By Danielle Cohen,
Once you apply for a settlement (indefinite leave to remain) or for naturalisation as a British Citizen, you are asked to provide proof of continuous residence in the UK as part of the visa application process and you will need to provide evidence that shows that you have been present in…

Long Residence Applications – Where Are We Now?

By Gary McIndoe, Latitude Law,
For many years the long residence route was pretty straightforward. 10 years' continuous lawful residence, good character, within absences limits – job done. What has developed in recent years, however, is partly due to Home Office standardisation, and partly down to the – I'm going to…

Refugees: English Law’s Protection or Persecution?

By Professor Leslie Thomas KC, Gresham College,
This lecture traces the history of refugee protection, the limits of the Refugee Convention, and changes to the law in recent decades that have made refugees' lives increasingly difficult. The Government's latest tranche of policies: the Nationality and Borders Act 2022 and the Rwanda…

Parliament passes bill declaring Rwanda safe – but can it really be called a law at all?

By Joshua Jowitt, Newcastle University, via The Conversation,
After months of deadlock, the House of Lords withdrew its opposition to the safety of Rwanda (asylum and immigration) bill, meaning that it will become law upon receiving royal assent. This legislation declares in UK law that Rwanda is a safe country for the UK to send asylum seekers.…

New Long Residence Guidance

By Adam Pipe,
YouTube thumbnail
Following on from an earlier video on the new Long Residence rules, Adam Pipe goes through the updated version 20 of the Home Office's Long Residence guidance, which was updated on the 11th of April 2024 when the new Immigration Rules came into force

Woman resident in the UK for 39 years loses deportation battle

By Asad Ali Khan,
Khadija Akhtar v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2024] EWCA Civ 354 (16 April 2024) The Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal of Mrs Akhtar who had been resident in the UK for 39 years (since 1985). Elisabeth Laing, Phillips and Males LJJ held that the Upper Tribunal had…

Court of Appeal disapproves of Tribunal's decision in Capparelli

By Asad Ali Khan,
R (Roehrig) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2024] EWCA Civ 240 (12 March 2024) The Court of Appeal has held that a child born to a French national mother who was ordinarily resident in the UK while she was exercising her right of free movement as a worker had not…

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