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COVID-19: No clear plan on BAME vulnerabilities

By Raoul Walawalker, Immigration Advice Service, 11 June 2020
Before 25 May, the COVID-19 pandemic might have made the idea of global mass protests seem unimaginable. But then came the video of the killing of 46-year-old African American George Floyd in Minneapolis. Even more graphic than the choking of Eric Garner in New York in 2014, the video of…

NRPF regime breaches Article 3 of the ECHR and is unlawful

By Asad Ali Khan, 01 June 2020
R (W, A Child By His Litigation Friend J) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department & Anor [2020] EWHC 1299 (Admin) (21 May 2020) The "no recourse to public funds" or "NRPF" condition produces the effect of making its subjects ineligible for almost all benefits paid from…

COVID-19: Immigration Advice For International Students In The UK

By Reiss Edwards, 20 May 2020
Every year, almost half a million international students come to the UK to study, of which over one-third are from outside of the European Union. COVID-19 has, however, put a 'spanner in the works' meaning that educational establishments across the UK are closed except for distance…

Sole Representative Route Amendment and Failures of Legal Certainty

By Zoe Bantleman, Richmond Chambers, 15 May 2020
In the Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules presented to Parliament in May 2020, released yesterday, the Secretary of State has made clear that she will significantly tighten the sole representative of an overseas business visa category from 4 June 2020. I long expected these…

COVID-19 & The Hostile Environment

By Holly Barrow, Immigration Advice Service, 14 May 2020
As the British public adapts to a new form of normality, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to shed light on critical, deep-rooted issues that have long plagued the UK. Stark inequalities have once more come to light, as BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) individuals are suffering…

Implications of the Coronavirus on a Spouse Visa And Extensions

By Danielle Cohen, 13 May 2020
Many factors come into play in deciding when to make an application for further leave to remain as a spouse, but the most important factor now is how to meet the financial requirements. Depending on how you intend to meet the financial requirements, you may need to bring forward your…

A New Approach in Health-Based Cases

By Joel Reiss, Latitude Law, 06 May 2020
This is a brief overview of the impact of the April 2020 Supreme Court decision in AM (Zimbabwe) (known as AM). This decision is a welcome change from previous precedent set down in the case of "N". AM, like N before it, deals with possible human rights breaches when removing seriously…

Government successfully appeals in ‘Right to Rent’ case

By Samuel March, UK Human Rights Blog, 22 April 2020
R (Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2020] EWCA Civ 542 On 21st April 2020, the Court of Appeal allowed the Home Office's appeal in the 'right to rent' case. The decision below was covered on this blog here. Notably, the Court of…
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