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Can the government’s immigration bill succeed?

By Matilde Rosina & Oula Kadhum, LSE British Politics and Policy, 17 April 2023
The government's rhetoric surrounding its plans to prevent asylum seekers crossing the Channel suggest their implementation will be simple. Yet Matilde Rosina and Oula Kadhum identify several important challenges that will have to be overcome first and assess the broader impact and human…

Sponsor Licence: What Supporting Documents Do You Need?

By Katherine Lunt, Latitude Law, 11 April 2023
Obtaining a sponsor licence enables your organisation to sponsor migrant workers or students in the UK. The Home Office will determine whether your organisation is eligible for a sponsor licence by looking at whether you can meet key criteria. Specifically, you must be able to show that…

Long Residence rules change from 12 April 2023

By Helena Sheizon, Kadmos Consultants, 24 March 2023
The immigration rules provide for an option of applying for indefinite leave to remain after completing 10 years of continuous lawful residence. At present, any type of permission to stay counts as lawful residence, whether or not the permission is in a temporary category or in a long-…

Entry, Settlement, and Citizenship in the Illegal Migration Bill

By Adrian Berry, Cosmopolis, 22 March 2023
Introduction The proposed measures lock out certain people including children, present in the UK, from securing lawful re-entry, residence, and/or citizenship. They dovetail with the proposed duty on the Home Secretary to remove certain people from the UK. The narrow exceptions or…

Experts Call on UK Government to End Worker Exploitation in the Care Industry

By Olusegun Akinfenwa and John Cahill, Immigration Advice Service, 13 March 2023
The global economic crisis has pushed many vulnerable people around the world into seeking employment opportunities abroad. Unfortunately, many of these individuals are subjected to modern slavery practices. The UK is no exception as reports of exploitation of migrant care workers by…

Illegal Migration Bill – A Five Minute Explainer

By Gary McIndoe, Latitude Law, 09 March 2023
I've seen a lot of legislation in my more than 25 years practising in the immigration and asylum field, but this Bill really does leave me speechless. It is reactive legislating at its worst – and I remember the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants etc.) Act 2004. It is a ham-…

Why thousands of people who thought they were British could lose their citizenship

By Alice Welsh, University of York via The Conversation, 28 February 2023
Confusion has arisen around the British government's own understanding of its citizenship laws, following a judgment by the UK's high court. In a ruling handed down on January 20 2023, in the case of Roehrig v Secretary of State for the Home Department, Mr Justice Eyre determined that the…
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