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'Refuse first, review after'

By Samir Pasha and Naga Kandiah, 12 June 2019
What is an example of an individual contributing beyond expectations to a country? Perhaps a PhD at the prestigious Oxford University? A recent Home Office decision shows that may not be enough. The UK Home Office has in facto put in place a policy to 'refuse first, review after'. An on-…

Child migrants around the world are being denied their human rights

By Chrissie Gale, Jennifer Davidson & Nigel Cantwell, via The Conversation, 27 May 2019
"At 3am we were forced to leave the bus station. We were caught by the police. They asked if we had passports. We said no, we are from Afghanistan, please help us – the police drove away." Afghani refugee, 15, on meeting police in Paris. Abed – not his real name – had been in Paris after…

Family members of British citizens: the Surinder Singh route after Brexit

By Gabriella Bettiga, 13 May 2019
A set of new immigration rules applicable to European nationals – Appendix EU – has been updated on 30th March 2019 to include rules applicable to family members of British citizens who have lived in another EEA country and wish to return to the UK. British citizen who move in another…

Planning for Brexit's impact on EU labour in the retail sector

By Fletcher Day, 01 May 2019
At this point in time, it is arguably more reasonable than ever to work on the basis of "hope for the best, prepare for the worst", which, in this context, means, hope for a soft Brexit but prepare for the increasing likelihood (although not inevitability) of a hard Brexit. In retail…

Free Movement and Kafala: CJEU Judgment in SM (Algeria)

By Asad Ali Khan, 08 April 2019
SM (Enfant place sous kafala algerienne) (Citizenship of the European Union – "Direct descendant" – Judgment) (C-129/18, EU:C:2019:248) The CJEU has confirmed AG Campos Sánchez-Bordona's opinion that a child in the guardianship of an EU citizen under the kafala system in Algeria cannot…

Brexit: what a delay means for EU citizens and the settled status scheme

By Egle Dagilyte, via The Conversation, 30 March 2019
Amid the ongoing Brexit stalemate, the Home Office is pushing ahead with its plan for EU citizens living in the UK to register for a new "settled status". It has launched a new nationwide marketing campaign to encourage them to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme before its full roll-out…

An inhumane and unworkable immigration detention system: Why is the Home Office in denial?

By Natasha Tsangarides, Senior Policy Advisor, Freedom from Torture, 27 March 2019
Balla, a teacher in Gambia, was brutally tortured as part of a government opposition crackdown, and fled to the UK. Without explanation, he was driven in a van for hours, only to find himself in another kind of prison cell. "I was tortured physically back home, but in immigration…

New Judgment: KV (Sri Lanka) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2019] UKSC 10

By Matrix Legal Support Service, UK Supreme Court Blog, 06 March 2019
This appeal considered what the correct approach is to the assessment of medical evidence in asylum claims alleging torture. The Supreme Court unanimously allowed the appeal and remitted KV's appeal against the refusal of asylum to the Upper Tribunal for fresh determination. The Court…
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