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Home Office Windrush decision was irrational, holds High Court

By Martin Forde QC, UK Human Rights Blog, 27 April 2021
R (On the Application of Hubert Howard (deceased, substituted by Maresha Howard Rose pursuant to CPR 19.2(4) and PD 19A)) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2021] EWHC 1023 (Admin) Hubert Howard was born in 1956 and came to the United Kingdom in 1960, aged almost 4 from…

HJ (Iran) and “Openly Gay”

By Danielle Cohen, 26 April 2021
We often act on behalf of gay asylum seekers who fear persecution on the basis of their homosexuality. On the face of it these cases should be straight forward, given that homosexuality is illegal in many countries. However, in order to be a successful asylum seeker, one has to…

Rough Sleeping Immigration Rule Must Be Repealed

By Aaron Gates-Lincoln, Immigration News, 12 April 2021
The UK government has recently, and quietly, reintroduced a scheme that works with councils and homelessness charities to obtain personal data on migrant rough sleepers that may result in their deportation. This scheme follows the introduction of a rough sleeping rule in the beginning of…

Case Preview: BF (Eritrea) v Secretary of State for the Home Department

By Katy Sheridan, UK Supreme Court Blog, 29 March 2021
On 16 March 2021 the Supreme Court heard the Secretary of State's appeal in BF (Eritrea) v Secretary of State for the Home Department. The case concerns the lawfulness of the Secretary of State's initial age assessment policy under Chapter of the Enforcement Instructions and…

The Domestic Abuse Bill and its Lack of Support for Migrant Women

By Aaron Gates-Lincoln, Immigration News UK , 22 March 2021
Domestic abuse is a pivotal issue within today's society, and is often not realised to be exacerbated by poor policy and support. After years of development the Domestic Abuse Bill returned to the House of Lords in the UK on the 8th March 2021 to complete its report stage, one of the…

Post-Brexit 2021 Skilled Worker Sponsorship Eligibility Rules

By Amar Ali, Reiss Edwards, 19 March 2021
With the ending of free movement between the UK and EU at the start of 2021, as a result of Brexit, more employers are now applying to become licensed sponsors, allowing them to recruit EU and non-EU nationals. In this article, we will explain the new post-Brexit Skilled Worker…

Distraction, lies and deception: The government's framing of asylum seeking in 2020

By Reanna Smith, Immigration Advice Service, 12 March 2021
In 2015 the issue of immigration was brought to the top of the UK's political agenda as the European refugee crisis reached its peak. At the same time, the campaign to leave the EU went into full swing, and pro-leave politicians and the UK media continued to pursue their agenda to leave…

Shamima Begum: SSHD strikes back in Supreme Court

By Asad Ali Khan, 07 March 2021
R (Begum) v Special Immigration Appeals Commission & Anor [2021] UKSC 7 (26 February 2021) Ms Shamima Begum was born and raised in the UK. She was a British citizen at birth and at age 15 she travelled to Syria with two friends and soon afterwards she married an ISIS fighter and is…
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