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Fix the Net Migration Fixation

By Nilmini Roelens, 23 November 2023
Net migration, in very simple terms, is the difference between the number of those coming and leaving country as against the residual population. The calculation is much more complex than that. The Telegraph this morning reports on the existential pressure on the Government over this…

Unanimous Supreme Court: Rwanda removals are unlawful

By Jonathan Metzer, UK Human Rights Blog, 20 November 2023
R ((AAA) Syria and Ors) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2023] UKSC 42 The Government's flagship policy of removing individual asylum seekers to Rwanda for their claims to be decided under the Rwandan asylum system that was announced on 14th April 2022 has been found to be…

The UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme: a model for the future?

By Krish Kandiah, Sanctuary Foundation, via Forced Migration Review, 10 November 2023
Tens of thousands of people in the UK have opened their homes to Ukrainians. An examination of this historic welcome offers important insights for future schemes aimed at helping refugee groups and vulnerable people. After the invasion of Ukraine, the UK was at the forefront of countries…

Immigration Health Surcharge to increase on 16 January 2024

By Helena Sheizon, Kadmos Consultants, 01 November 2023
Draft statutory instrument now laid before Parliament confirms that the date for the proposed increase of the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) will be 16 January 2024. At present the Immigration Health Surcharge standard fee for applicants over the age of 18 is £624 per year. This…

Are Stateless Claimants Disadvantaged Within Asylum Procedures? New Evidence from the UK Context

By Thomas McGee, PhD researcher at the Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness (Melbourne Law School), 26 October 2023
This blog post introduces new research, conducted as part of the #StatelessJourneys project, into the challenges faced by stateless claimants within asylum procedures in the UK context. The study focuses on the experiences of stateless Kurds from Syria in the UK, revealing hurdles related…

What's happening with the Afghan relocation legal challenges?

By Ben Amunwa, Law mostly, 24 October 2023
Under legal pressure, the UK government has reversed its policy requiring at-risk Afghans seeking relocation to the UK to first obtain suitable accommodation. This post outlines the background and provides an overview of the current legal challenges afoot. This post provides an update on…

Sexual diversity and the Nationality and Borders Act 2022

By Alex Powell and Raawiyah Rifath, Legal Studies journal, 18 October 2023
Abstract In this short piece we focus on two of the main changes brought in by the recent Nationality and Borders Act 2022 with a focus on sexually diverse claimants: inadmissibility and the increased standard of proof. The recent changes have a negative impact on all asylum seekers but…
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