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The following guides cover all you need to know about using the EIN bundle function to create indexed and paginated court bundles:


The EIN website 'Bundle' feature lets you store individual cases and country reports in 'Content Bundles' that you create. You can then turn these content bundles into court-ready, fully paginated and indexed Microsoft Word format documents using a special add-in for Microsoft Word. You can also add your own text, Word documents and PDF files to a bundle. If you have to create Tribunal bundles, this feature will save you many hours of work!

There are two main steps in creating a bundle. First, compile your content bundle on the EIN website. Second, work in Microsoft Word to create a fully paginated and indexed bundle. The following guides take you through the steps you need to perform to create bundles.

If you are new to bundles, we recommend that you start with the 'Beginner's bundle guide' - you should be producing paginated, indexed bundles in minutes!

Beginner's bundle guide

Step-by-step instructions which cover creating a bundle from start to finish.

  • Beginner's bundle guide - an easy to follow, graphical guide which takes you through the entire process of creating a bundle

Step 1: Compiling content bundles on the EIN website

The following guides cover how to work on the EIN website to compile your bundles of documents.

Step 2: Creating paginated, indexed bundles in Microsoft Word

The following guides cover how to work in Microsoft Word to turn your EIN bundle of documents into a fully paginated and indexed bundle. It is at this stage that you can also add your own documents and files to a bundle.

  • 'Undoing' a bundle in Microsoft Word - this shows how you can very easily 'undo' a previoulsy created bundle in Microsoft Word, allowing you to edit the materials in a bundle or correct mistakes

Download the Bundle-Maker Microsoft Word add-in

  • Click here if you need to download the latest version of the Bundle-Maker add-in for Microsoft Word

Errors and known problems

  • Click here for details and solutions to known bundle errors and problems