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Search syntax summary

The following optional syntax is supported for searches:

Use " " quotation marks to search for a phrase. E.g., "Find this particular phrase"

Use the ~ tilde character and a numeric proximity value to find words that are close together in any order. Wrap the words in " " quotation marks and add ~ directly after the closing ". E.g., "These words together"~20 will find the words within 20 words of each other.

Use AND, OR, NOT (typed in uppercase) as operators between words. E.g., This AND That | "This phrase" OR "That phrase" | This NOT That

Use ( ) parentheses to group search terms into separate clauses. E.g., (This OR That) AND ("This phrase" OR "That phrase")

Use the ^ caret character and a numeric 'boost' value directly after a word to boost the importance of a word. Try 2-10 for a small boost or 40 or more for a high boost. E.g., This That^5

Use + directly before a word that is required and must be found (only needed if searching for six or more words, for five or fewer words it will be assumed that all words must be found). Use - directly before a word that must not be found. E.g., +This -That

Use ? and as wildcard characters. ? matches a single character. E.g., W?rd finds 'word' and 'ward'. matches zero or more sequential characters. E.g., Wor finds 'word', 'world', 'worthy', etc.

Please see the search help index for more detailed help guides.

Is your search query not returning expected results? Your feedback on the search is always welcome and can be sent to