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Bundle errors and known problems

This page lists some of the known problems with the Bundle-Maker. If you experience any problems or errors with the Bundle-Maker, please e-mail

Error calculating PDF page numbers when using the 'Insert PDF File' function

You may find that the Bundle-Maker returns a persistent 'Unexpected error on line 2' error when the 'Insert PDF File' function is calculating the number of pages in a PDF file. A couple of users have reported this and we have found that it is related to an overly full Windows Temp folder.

Please try a Windows disk cleanup to empty you temporary files folder. See the Microsoft guide to do this at

Bundle-Maker shows as 'Not responding' while running in Microsoft Word

You may find that Bundle-Maker is briefly shown as 'Not responding' in Microsoft Word if Word is performing a single action that takes more than few seconds. In practice, this will mean whilst Word is automatically repaginating when creating a bundle with many hundreds of pages. Smaller documents do not have this issue.

Word needs to repaginate when performing actions such as adding the table of contents (to ensure page numbering is correct). Please wait until the Bundle-Maker dialog recovers should this happen (the dialog will automatically after the 'Not responding' state). 

Issues in Microsoft Word when creating very large bundles

Whilst Microsoft Word should be able to handle documents containing hundreds of pages without problem, please be aware that your computer hardware and Word may become limitations if you try to create to exceptionally large bundles.

A computer with a fast, modern multi-core processor and plenty of RAM will be able to handle larger documents with fewer issues compared to a less capable computer. You should also ensure that you have as few other applications and tasks running as possible if you find Word is struggling with a very large bundle so as to free system resources. It is also a good idea to save a large bundle, close it and re-open it before running the Bundle-Maker so as to free up memory.

In testing, we found that a bundle of several thousand pages did create OK in Word 2007, albeit with some minor issues, on a good spec' modern computer. Word may enter a 'Not Responding' state when paginating and repaginating as the Bundle-Maker runs on such a large bundle, especially when creating the table of contents, but should recover if left. Note that Microsoft Word itself (i.e., when not running the Bundle-Maker) may show as 'Not Responding'  when repaginating as it creates a table of contents in such a large document.

Such a bundle may take a number of minutes, rather than the more normal seconds, to create. We found in testing that a challenging bundle with over 900 items, over 5,000 pages and several hundred key passages took just under 3 minutes to create on a good, mid-range modern laptop (2.5GHz processor with 4 logical cores and 4GB of RAM).

You may, however, wish to split a bundle into smaller chunks and start paginating at different page numbers to combine into one full bundle if you find your computer is struggling to create a very large bundle.

Your browser and/or Word 'hangs' when trying to select and then copy and paste your bundle web page

You may find that a very large bundle causes either the web page to hang when you try selecting and copying and/or Microsoft Word to hang when pasting. You should use the DOC format export function to avoid this problem - Microsoft Word will then open your bundle without any slowdown or hanging.

If, however, you do still wish to use the HTML export function, we have found that the following workaround will solve the problem: 

Save your exported content bundle web page and open it through Word: Export your content bundle as normal, but rather than selecting and copying, simply save the webpage as a html file. Then open the saved html file in Word. Make sure you are selecting to open 'All Word Documents' (so that Word can see html files). Open the html file and now select 'Save As...' and save it as a Word document. You should find that Word does a near perfect job of turning the saved web page into a Word document.

You can now create your bundle as normal in Word.