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Submitting your job advert

Thank you for using EIN to advertise your vacancies. EIN is used extensively by immigration law professionals, ensuring you receive quality applicants.

You can either click here and fill out the form to submit your advert or you can e-mail your advert to us at

Please see the important information at the foot of this page and ensure your advert complies with the legislation under the Equalities Act - Employment Code of Practice before submitting. Your advert will need to be approved before it is published. You will then be invoiced at the following rates:


Our rates vary depending on whether you're a member of EIN or not, and whether you're for-profit or not-for-profit:

  • If you are not an EIN member, a job advert on EIN will cost £250 ex VAT. Or if you sign up here for EIN membership, you can advertise one job on the EIN website free of charge within the first month of your membership (simply submit or send us your advert after you sign up). After this period adverts will be charged at the normal rate for members.
  • If you are a for-profit EIN member, a job advert on EIN will cost £175 ex VAT.
  • If you are a not-for-profit EIN member, a job advert will cost £100 ex VAT.

You can e-mail EIN at any time to extend dates or request changes to your advert*.

EIN also offers an 'enhanced profile' job advert, with your company logo and enhanced formatting, for an extra  £30 ex VAT for not-for-profit EIN members, £60 ex VAT for for-profit EIN members and £90 ex VAT for non-members. Contact if you would like an enhanced job advert.

* EIN reserve the right to disallow changes that substantially change the advert (e.g., wholly changing the advertised position or repeatedly extending closing dates). Adverts submitted without a closing date can remain published on EIN for a maximum of 60 days.

Important information for those submitting adverts

Please ensure that you are in compliance with the following:

We confirm that the advert we are submitting complies with the legislation under the Equalities Act - Employment Code of Practice. If we are claiming an exception on grounds of gender, ethnicity, language or any other requirement we are providing the reasons for so doing and these will form part of the advertisement.

Employment Code of Practice - The relevant information for exceptions is to be found at Chapter 13.

Click here to continue with your advert submission.