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Victims of human trafficking: can they be criminals as well?

By Alex Ewing, UK Human Rights Blog
V.C.L. and A.N. v the United Kingdom (16 February 2021) Human trafficking is internationally recognised as threatening human rights and the fundamental values of democratic societies. States have taken action to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking and to provide support to…

What Brexit means for employers and the right to work

By Jude Fletcher
In simple terms, Brexit means that EU/EEA nationals are now treated the same way as non-EU/EEA nationals. This fact may, however, not be a lot of help to employers who have only ever recruited from the UK, EU and EEA. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to the new rules.…

Home Office U-turn: Section 3C Leave Can Resurrect

By Alex Papasotiriou, Richmond Chambers
Almost 3 years ago, I wrote this article regarding the operation of section 3C of the Immigration Act 1971, in circumstances where leave extended by virtue of that section has ended by a decision that is subsequently withdrawn or quashed, as well as the Home Office's position on…

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