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By Latitude Law, 16 November 2017
Recent weeks have seen three important court decisions concerning the rights of EU migrants; Khan v SSHD, which deals with rights of appeal, Toufik Lounes v SSHD which considers the rights of EU nationals following naturalisation in...
By Stathis Poularakis, Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet), 8 November 2017
The inability – or unwillingness as some would say – to manage the large refugee/migrant population arriving in Europe, has brought the subject of protecting only “genuine” refugees and the aversion of...
By Nils Muižnieks, 26 October 2017
Many refugees have to leave family members behind when they flee their homes. This adds more hardship to the trauma of exile. Once they have found safety in Europe, being reunited with their family members is often the first priority...

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