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Creating and adding excerpts to a bundle

The excerpt feature allows you to add selected excerpts of text from a document on EIN. It is useful if, for example, a whole case/report is too long to include and/or only a section is relevant for your bundle.

To add an excerpt, you first make sure that 'excerpt mode' is 'on' and you then select and add the required excerpt(s).

Turning excerpt mode 'on'

Excerpt mode can be turned 'on' and 'off'. The off setting means that you can choose not to have the excerpt function interfere with selecting text on a page. It must be turned on if you want to create and add excerpts to a bundle.

To turn excerpt mode on, simply click the EXCERPT MODE button on the toolbar in the 'Content bundles' box. The EXCERPT MODE button is the last button on the toolbar.

When EXCERPT MODE is on, the button is red and shows three lines:

When excerpts mode is off, the EXCERPT MODE button is grey and shows an X:

If you want to add an excerpt to your bundle, make sure it is on and the button is red. The steps described in the rest of this guide won't function if it is off.

Adding an excerpt to your bundle

[Note, 09 August 2019: If you were familiar with the except function before the EIN upgrade in August 2019, please note that it has now slightly changed and you no longer have to first add an item before adding an excerpt from that item]

To add an excerpt from a document on EIN to your bundle, you simply select the text you want to include:

As soon as you select some text, a pop-up dialog appears with the text that you selected:

You should check and make sure that the excerpt is OK. If it isn't, you can click 'Cancel' and try selecting it again. If the text is correct, give your excerpt a name and then click 'Save Excerpt'.

The excerpt will now be added to your bundle.

You will see that when an item in your bundle is an excerpt, it will be denoted by a small except icon on the left in the 'Content bundles' box:

The excerpt itself will appear in the 'My excerpts from...' box at the top of the item (click to expand and view the excerpt).

Adding multiple excerpts

You can repeat the process and add multiple excerpts from the same document.

Separate excerpts are shown separately in the 'My excerpts from this document' box:

Editing and removing excerpts

Click on the  edit button on the top-right corner of the except if you want to edit the excerpt. The edit pop-up dialog will open where you can edit the title and the text:

Click the 'Save Excerpt' button when you are finished editing.

If you want to delete an excerpt, click on the  remove button at the top-right corner of an excerpt.

Excerpts in your bundle

In your 'Content bundles' box, an excerpt is signified by an excerpt icon to the left of a title:

When you export your bundle (in order to transfer to Microsoft Word), it will be noted that the item is an excerpt. The title of each excerpt will also be shown: