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The impact of digitalisation on the immigration process

By Naga Kandiah and Samir Pasha, 21 September 2020
Introduction The coronavirus pandemic created an impetus for the legal world to finally begin accepting digitalisation of processes, moving away from the traditional paper process to an online version. The immigration process is already faced with a myriad of concerns which leaves the…

Passports: Foreign law must be proved by expert evidence

By Asad Ali Khan, 07 September 2020
Hussein and Another (Status of passports: foreign law) [2020] UKUT 250 (IAC): CMG Ockelton VP has explained that (i) a person who holds a genuine passport, apparently issued to him, and not falsified or altered, has to be regarded as a national of the State that issued the passport, (ii)…

Migrants and the global epidemic of human sex trafficking

By Maddie Grounds, Immigration Advice Service, 11 August 2020
The arrest of socialite and long-time Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell at the end of last month has revitalised anti-trafficking agendas in public and political spheres around the world. The chilling news of Jeffrey Epstein's international trafficking ring last year exposed a web of…

Immigration Bail policy found systemically unfair

By Dominic Ruck Keene, UK Human Rights Blog, 03 August 2020
In three conjoined judicial reviews concerning the legality of the Home Secretary's exercise of her power under paragraph 9 of Schedule 10 of the Immigration Act 2016 to provide accommodation to those who are granted immigration bail, Mr Justice Johnson held in R (Humnyntskyi) v SSHD […

The Lost Women and Children: How No Recourse to Public Funds Condemns Thousands

By Alexandra Jarvis, Immigration Advice Service, 16 July 2020
One of the cruellest clauses of the UK's hostile environment endeavour must be the No Resource to Public Funds (NRPF) condition. It was recently catapulted into the political spotlight as Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared not to know what NRPF was when confronted by Labour MP Stephen…

Exemption From Financial Requirements In Spouse Visa Extension

By Reiss Edwards, 10 July 2020
Non-EEA citizens applying for a UK family spouse visa need to understand and meet a large number of eligibility requirements in order to secure a positive decision by the Home Office, one of which relates to minimum annual income. Under this requirement, the applicant and their partner…
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