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Free Movement and Kafala: CJEU Judgment in SM (Algeria)

By Asad Ali Khan, 08 April 2019
SM (Enfant place sous kafala algerienne) (Citizenship of the European Union – "Direct descendant" – Judgment) (C-129/18, EU:C:2019:248) The CJEU has confirmed AG Campos Sánchez-Bordona's opinion that a child in the guardianship of an EU citizen under the kafala system in Algeria cannot…

Brexit: what a delay means for EU citizens and the settled status scheme

By Egle Dagilyte, via The Conversation, 30 March 2019
Amid the ongoing Brexit stalemate, the Home Office is pushing ahead with its plan for EU citizens living in the UK to register for a new "settled status". It has launched a new nationwide marketing campaign to encourage them to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme before its full roll-out…

An inhumane and unworkable immigration detention system: Why is the Home Office in denial?

By Natasha Tsangarides, Senior Policy Advisor, Freedom from Torture, 27 March 2019
Balla, a teacher in Gambia, was brutally tortured as part of a government opposition crackdown, and fled to the UK. Without explanation, he was driven in a van for hours, only to find himself in another kind of prison cell. "I was tortured physically back home, but in immigration…

New Judgment: KV (Sri Lanka) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2019] UKSC 10

By Matrix Legal Support Service, UK Supreme Court Blog, 06 March 2019
This appeal considered what the correct approach is to the assessment of medical evidence in asylum claims alleging torture. The Supreme Court unanimously allowed the appeal and remitted KV's appeal against the refusal of asylum to the Upper Tribunal for fresh determination. The Court…

'Right to rent' scheme causes landlords to discriminate, rules High Court

By Samuel March, UK Human Rights Blog, 05 March 2019
The government's 'hostile environment' policy took a hit in a High Court judgement on Friday. Spencer J declared the "right to rent" scheme, laid out in sections 20-37 of the Immigration Act 2014, incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). He also declared that a…

Migrant children are suffering. We should end the hostile environment.

By Jack Gevertz, Immigration Advice Service, 04 March 2019
So, you're a young child in the UK. You are the son or daughter of a migrant who has been living here for many years. You have been made homeless and the council offers you temporary accommodation with rooms infested with rats. There are no washing facilities. The place you're staying at…

How much money do you need to sponsor a family member?

By Shara Pledger, Latitude Law, 07 February 2019
When new Immigration Rules were introduced in 2012, one of the most controversial additions was the minimum income requirement for British/settled spouses hoping to sponsor their foreign partners. The required salary was set at £18,600 per annum, significantly higher than the national…

Why the UK should stay within the EU's asylum system after Brexit

By Ali Bilgic, via The Conversation, 21 January 2019
Until recent media coverage of an increase in people crossing the English Channel by boat, Brexit debates have largely overlooked the future of asylum and international protection after the UK leaves the EU on March 29. The UK's options are challenging – and the risks for current and…
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