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“Powerful reasons” doctrine is no longer good law

By Asad Ali Khan, 06 July 2021
NA (Bangladesh) & Ors v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2021] EWCA Civ 953 (24 June 2021) As to the seven year rule saga, the Court of Appeal has held that in a situation where a child whose parents had no entitlement to leave to remain in the UK applied for leave to…

A hostile environment risks undermining the jab

By Nilmini Roelens, 05 July 2021
The UK government's hostile environment policy introduced by Theresa May in May 2012 may undermine what is otherwise a successful Covid vaccination programme. This policy designed to make life so unbearable that "unwelcome migrants" would simply be forced to pack their bags and leave…

How is immigration status impacting those who want a divorce

By Kerry Smith, K J Smith Solicitors, 05 July 2021
Even amicable breakups can be difficult. When the break-up involves one party who is in the UK on a spousal visa, the situation can become a whole lot more complicated. Although each case is individual, there are some key points everyone should know. You need to get legal advice as…

The Graduate route: pros and cons

By Shara Pledger, Latitude Law, 28 June 2021
The graduate route goes live on 01 July, offering Students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the UK. In advance of its launch, we look at a few of the most – and least – attractive aspects of this new scheme: 1. Sponsorship is not required… The Graduate route is a non-…

Limited leave to remain does not knock out a Zambrano claim

By Asad Ali Khan, 21 June 2021
R (Akinsanya) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2021] EWHC 1535 (Admin) (09 June 2021) Mostyn J has held that the SSHD had erred when formulating in Annex 1 paragraph (b) of Appendix EU to the Immigration Rules the definition of a "person with a Zambrano right to reside" as "…

The impact of poor healthcare provision in UK immigration removal centres

By Blerina Kellezi, Juliet Wakefield and Mhairi Bowe via The Conversation, 15 June 2021
As often as the sentiment that we’re all in this together has been touted since the arrival of COVID-19, one of the clearest lessons of the pandemic is how varied its effects have been among different social groups. Not only have pre-existing inequalities in wealth, employment, education…

EU Settled Status scheme – what to expect if you miss the deadline

By Helena Sheizon, Kadmos Consultants, 07 June 2021
If you are an EU national resident in the UK before Brexit you can protect your right of residence. All you need to do is make an application for settled status or pre-settled status. This application is made online and, if you avoid technical difficulties, will take only a few minutes to…
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