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Naturalisation applications by EU citizens and their family

By Jessica Lee, Latitude Law, 13 December 2022
For those who have obtained settlement (indefinite leave to remain) in the UK, the next stage is often to naturalise as a British citizen. Many of those who seek to naturalise are nationals of EU countries, or their family members, who began their residence in the UK prior to Brexit and…

Pay to prove that you are a child: the government consults on fees for age assessment appeals to the Immigration and Asylum Chambers

By Jonathan Collinson (University of Huddersfield), UK Administrative Justice Institute, 07 December 2022
The government has launched a consultation on the fees payable by applicants who lodge certain kinds of appeals in the Immigration and Asylum Chambers (IAC): the administrative tribunals responsible for hearing appeals against decisions of the Home Office in immigration and asylum matters…

Current ‘unreasonable delays’ in the Home Office decision making process

By Shaheen Mamun, Black Antelope Law, and Sheraaz Hingora, 30 November 2022
Immigration practitioners today will be worryingly frustrated, alongside their clients, with the ever-increasing delays for average visa processing times made in-country or out-country by the Home Office. Recently, the Home Office have published on their website details of 2022…

The small boats storm and the unlawful seizure of mobile phones

By Marina Wheeler KC, UK Human Rights Blog, 21 November 2022
The storm raging around small boats arriving on the south coast has been brewing for some time. In early summer the focus was a policy to send arrivals to Rwanda. Intervention by the European Court of Human Rights effectively suspended flights while a domestic ruling on the policy's…

Refusals on ‘Not Conducive to the Public Good’ Grounds

By Isabella Reynard, Richmond Chambers, 14 November 2022
Where an individual's presence in the UK is non-conducive to the public good, Part 9 of the Immigration Rules sets out that this is a mandatory ground for refusal or cancellation under the suitability requirements. This applies to applications for entry clearance, permission to enter and…

An overview of immigration routes to come to the UK

By Helena Sheizon, Kadmos Consultants, 27 October 2022
There is only a limited number of immigration options that would allow non-British citizens to come to the UK for a long-term project and make it your permanent home. You will be either joining your family in the UK or you will be going for one of the work-related routes that allow…

Lunar House 40 Years On

By Gary McIndoe, 14 October 2022
A couple of Saturdays ago I attended the Home Office's Asylum Intake Unit (AIU) with a client. I previously worked at Lunar House – the headquarters of UK Visas and Immigration in Croydon, Surrey – between 1985 and 1988. For the last 18 months of my time there, I was an Executive Officer…
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