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Good Character Requirement changes for Naturalisation

By OTB Legal, 29 September 2023
On the 31st July 2023, the Home Office published new guidance in relation to the good character requirement for Naturalisation applications. This new guidance took immediate effect and was published with the government first giving notice of the changes on the 30th July 2023. The new…

Migrant Instrumentalisation: Facts and Fictions

By Aleksandra Jolkina, Verfassungsblog, 26 September 2023
Realities On the Ground at the EU-Belarus Border Recent years have seen an increase in the violation of asylum-seeker rights in the EU, including through so-called pushbacks. These practices have typically not been authorised by domestic legislation and have been denied or concealed by…

Immigration lawyer’s tips on how to find a sponsor in the UK

By Helena Sheizon, Kadmos Consultants, 20 September 2023
Immigration lawyers hear the same question day in and day out: "can you help me to find a sponsor"? Unfortunately, you have to find the sponsor yourself. But we can give you helpful tips on how to go about it. Tip # 1 First of all, the sponsor is the business which will be willing to…

Section 117B Public Interest Considerations Explained

By Aaron Durban-Richardson, Richmond Chambers, 12 September 2023
When considering immigration matters involving Article 8 (ECHR), one of the most important factors that decision-makers, courts and tribunals will take into account when reaching their conclusion is whether any of the issues raised run counter to the 'public interest'. This concept is…

Hotels and employment aren’t major ‘pull factors’ for refugees – here’s what really draws people to move

By Jackline Wahba & Valentina Di Iasio, University of Southampton, via The Conversation, 25 August 2023
People make decisions about where to live, when to leave and where to move based on several complex factors. Among policymakers and people who study immigration, the term "push" factor is used to describe what drives people to leave a country (for example, violence, persecution or poverty…

MQM London member wins in Court of Appeal

By Asad Ali Khan, 17 August 2023
WAS (Pakistan) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2023] EWCA Civ 894 (26 July 2023) In a difficult case, Elisabeth Laing LJ allowed the appeal of "WAS" against the dismissal of his asylum claim by the Upper Tribunal owing to the fact that UTJ McWilliam "failed properly" to…

Refugee status and asylum for women

By Danielle Cohen, 09 August 2023
Women have historically found it more difficult to qualify for refugee status than men. The 1951 Convention relating to the status of a refugee promises protection for refugees following the Second World War and Europe's inadequate response to those fleeting Nazism. However, not everyone…
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