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Experts on countries of origin by surname

Wali, Farhaan

The Expert is a sociologist and religious studies expert with specialisation in Asia and the Middle East. He has authored over 150 subject-specific expert legal reports concerning human rights, asylum and terrorism cases. The Expert has spent several years in the field, carrying out research both in Britain and abroad, enabling him to generate expert reports on the country conditions of asylum applicants. The Expert has been involved in several cross-cultural research projects in the private and public sector. As an expert in South Asia, he spent several years conducting extensive fieldwork across South Asia. In Pakistan, he worked alongside local politicians and social workers, gaining considerable insight into national and local political and legal structures in Pakistan. This makes him a regional expert of South Asia and the Muslim world, especially related to religion, society, culture and politics. He is a peer-reviewed member of the academic community and currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of History, Philosophy and Social Science at Bangor University. He has authored three books: (1) Radicalism Unveiled (Routledge, 2013); (2) Segregated Britain: Everyday Life in Muslim Enclaves (Peter Lang, 2020); (3) Leaving Islamism (Peter Lang, Forthcoming).

Occupation: Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies in the School of History, Philosophy and Social Science at Bangor University (UK)
Countries of expertise: Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan

Wallace, Lauren

The Expert is a medical anthropologist and public health expert with nearly a decade of experience in global health. She has specific expertise in women’s health and reproductive health in West and East Africa. She is presently a Senior Researcher at Dodowa Health Research Centre of the Research and Development Division of Ghana Health Service, in Accra, Ghana, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Occupation: Senior Researcher
Countries of expertise: Ghana

Wilcox, Phill

I am a published doctoral researcher focusing on contemporary Lao culture, politics and society both within Laos and the diaspora. I am particularly interested in ethnic minorities within Laos

PhD Anthropology - Goldsmiths, London (2013-)

MSc Applied Social Research - University of Hull (2011-2013)

Bsc Sci Social Anthropology – University of Manchester (2002-2005)Doctoral researcher with considerable expertise on Laos. 

Occupation: Doctoral Researcher
Countries of expertise: Laos