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Experts on countries of origin by surname

Daloye , Kurdistan

Legal and Linguistic expert on Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Occupation: Immigration lawyer, Legal translator and Interpreter, Lawyer in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Countries of expertise: Iraq, Iraq (Kurdistan Regional Government)

Daryn, Dr Gil

Social Anthropologist (PhD Cambridge, 2002) and Expert/Consultant, with extensive experience in writing expert reports in regards to asylum cases.
Areas of expertise:
• human rights
• the justice system
• gender issues including gender minorities, mixed marriages and domestic violence
• honour killings
• trafficking
• sectarian violence
• criminal and terrorist groups
• political parties
• minority groups
• health system
• land disputes
• other aspects of the politics, culture, society, and history of South Asian countries.

Occupation: Social Anthropologist, Independent consultant (formerly of SOAS, University of London).
Countries of expertise: Bangladesh, Bhutan, China (Tibet), Israel (Bedouin community), Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka