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Dr Gil Daryn

Social Anthropologist (PhD Cambridge, 2002) and Expert/Consultant, with extensive experience in writing expert reports in regards to asylum cases.
Areas of expertise:
• human rights
• the justice system
• gender issues including gender minorities, mixed marriages and domestic violence
• honour killings
• trafficking
• sectarian violence
• criminal and terrorist groups
• political parties
• minority groups
• health system
• land disputes
• other aspects of the politics, culture, society, and history of South Asian countries.

Dr Gil Daryn
Social Anthropologist, Independent consultant (formerly of SOAS, University of London).

Expert on human rights, the justice system, gender issues including gender minorities, mixed marriages and domestic violence, honour killing and trafficking, sectarian violence, criminal and terrorist groups, land disputes, health system, minority groups, political parties and other aspects of the politics, culture, society, and history of the countries in South Asia, as well as the Bedouin community in Israel.


Dr Daryn’s experience in South Asia spans more than 25 years, half of which were spent living and working in the region. This includes prolonged spells of fieldwork and research, as well as work in various international organizations. Dr Daryn became closely familiar with asylum seekers while working in UNHCR’s Kathmandu office (Nepal) during 2008-9. He has written over 130 Expert Witness Reports. Dr Daryn currently resides in South Asia.

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