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Experts on countries of origin by country

Daryn, Dr Gil

Social Anthropologist (PhD Cambridge, 2002) and Expert/Consultant, with extensive experience in writing expert reports in regards to asylum cases.
Areas of expertise:
• human rights
• the justice system
• gender issues including gender minorities, mixed marriages and domestic violence
• honour killings
• trafficking
• sectarian violence
• criminal and terrorist groups
• political parties
• minority groups
• health system
• land disputes
• other aspects of the politics, culture, society, and history of South Asian countries.

Occupation: Social Anthropologist, Independent consultant (formerly of SOAS, University of London).
Countries of expertise: Bangladesh, Bhutan, China (Tibet), Israel (Bedouin community), Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Gurung, Sanju

Expert/Consultant for Nepal, Bhutan and China (Tibet) – the countries in the Himalayan belt. He is also a PhD student (part-time) in Politics at the Queen Mary University of London where his research project examines the internal politics of the above-mentioned countries from the geopolitical perspective with China and India.

Occupation: Independent Consultant, Politics PhD student (part-time)
Director of greenwall consultancy (gwc).
Countries of expertise: Bhutan, China (Tibet), Nepal

Kurlantzick, Joshua

Experienced country of origin expert for all nationals from Southeast Asia and China; specialist from one of the leading think-tanks in the world. Have provided expert witness reports for fifteen years for asylum cases in the UK, Europe, and US for nationals from across South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia. Also have provided expert witness reports for non-asylum immigration cases for nationals from South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia.

Occupation: Senior Fellow, Southeast Asia, Council on Foreign Relations
Countries of expertise: Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam