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Joshua Kurlantzick

Experienced country of origin expert for all nationals from Southeast Asia and China; specialist from one of the leading think-tanks in the world. Have provided expert witness reports for fifteen years for asylum cases in the UK, Europe, and US for nationals from across South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia. Also have provided expert witness reports for non-asylum immigration cases for nationals from South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia.

Joshua Kurlantzick
Senior Fellow, Southeast Asia, Council on Foreign Relations

Joshua Kurlantzick is Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he studies Southeast Asian politics and economics, with a particular focus on democracy, authoritarianism, human rights, and political transitions. He studies rights in specific Asian nations, including Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Bhutan, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, among others. He has done extensive research on rights conditions in all of these countries. He has written more than five hundred articles on topics including these Asian nations, and rights conditions in them, for a wide range of publications including The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Harper’s, Foreign Affairs, The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post Magazine, Rolling Stone, the London Review of Books, The Washington Monthly, The Washington Quarterly, GQ, and Foreign Policy, among others. He regularly blogs about democracy and rights in Asia on CFR ’s group blog, Asia Unbound ( . He also has authored chapters on countries across South and Southeast Asia in Freedom House’s Freedom in the World report.


Kurlantzick has worked as an expert witness in asylum cases for fifteen years for nationals from South and Southeast Asia, including nationals applying for asylum in the European Union and the United States. References can be provided of all the asylum lawyers he has worked with.


My list of recent publications is available at: 

Ethnic groups expertise
Ethnic minorities in Vietnam, ethnic minorities in Myanmar, ethnic minorities in Thailand, ethnic minorities in Laos, ethnic minorities in China
Political groups expertise
Opposition political groups in Thailand, opposition political groups in China, opposition political groups in Malaysia, opposition political groups in Cambodia
Religious groups expertise
Christian minorities in Southeast Asia, Muslim minorities in Southeast Asia, Christian minorities in China, Tibetan minorities in China, Muslim minorities in Thailand, Christian minorities in Indonesia
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