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Experts on countries of origin by country

Ballard, Roger

Vast experience of civil and criminal expert reports in addition to reports for immigration proceedings: frequently involved in cases where the internal dynamics of unfamiliar family structures are the central source of contention and/or confusion

Occupation: Centre for Applied South Asian Studies
Countries of expertise: Pakistan

Bennett-Jones, Owen

Writer on Pakistan with world-respected knowledge of the country's militants, military, intelligence services, ethnic groups and political parties, including the MQM. He has worked for the BBC and was a visiting Professor at Princeton University and USCWriter on Pakistan with world-respected knowledge of the country's militants, military, intelligence services, ethnic groups and political parties, including the MQM. He has worked for the BBC and was a visiting Professor at Princeton University and USC

Occupation: Writer on Pakistan.
Countries of expertise: Pakistan

Bluth, Christoph

Professor of International Studies at the University of Leeds with extensive experience in providing country expert reports for immigration lawyers representing North Korean clients, and detailed knowledge of South Korean policies on persons of North Korean origin.

Occupation: Professor of International Studies, University of Leeds; Visiting Professor at Yonsei University, Seoul 2005.
Countries of expertise: China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam

Chowdhury, Anwar Ahmed

Specialist in political oppression, human rights, Expanding Communal Riot, Rule of Law, Freedom of Speech and Government Rulings, and Security and Justice with a particular expertise on social/ethnic/political groups at risk of persecution in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Myanmar. Experience in writing legal grounds and producing expert reports for asylum cases, persecution, gender inequality, Religious Extremists and vulnerable condition of women and children, etc

Expertise in the Laws of Immigration, Right of Immigrant, Human Rights under the purview of various Social and Political aspects of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Occupation: Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Barrister-at-Law, Consultant of Immigration laws, Public Private Partnerships, Investment Risks Analysis including Insurance and Reinsurance Practice and Laws.
Countries of expertise: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Pakistan

Daryn, Dr Gil

The Expert (Ph.D. Cambridge 2002, British Academy postdoctoral fellow 2003-6 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, The University of London) is a social anthropologist specializing in Nepal in particular and South Asia more generally. His acquaintance with South Asia spans over 31 years, including over ten years of researching and working in Nepal and over five years of living in India. While at SOAS, he taught an MA course on “The Anthropology of South Asia”. The Expert specializes in various aspects of Nepalese and other South Asian cultures and societies, including politics, kinship, gender, and religion. 

In recent years he has been asked to comment and advise to ACCORD (Austrian Centre for Country of Origin and Asylum Research and Documentation), providing expert knowledge and answering specific questions on various aspects relating to Nepalese society. The Expert worked with many refugees and asylum seekers from various Asian countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar while he served as Associate Durable Solutions Office in UNHCR’s Kathmandu office, Nepal (2008-9). There, he became familiar with the RSD process and UNHCR country files, and held many focus group discussions and individual interviews with refugees during which he learned about their reasons for fleeing their countries of origin. Since 2005 The Expert has been studying human rights in South Asia and to date has written over 170 expert reports that were presented in courts in the UK and the US.

Occupation: Social Anthropologist, Independent consultant (formerly of SOAS, University of London).
Countries of expertise: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Giustozzi, Dr. Antonio

Expert on Afghanistan with experience of producing several hundred expert reports on asylum cases from 2004 onwards on all aspects of Afghanistan. Has acted as expert witness in trials in the UK, US, Australia and the Netherlands. From 2014 he has produced over 100 reports on Pakistani asylum seekers. From 2019 he started producing reports on Syria and Iraq and in 2020 he started producing reports on Iran. Has published extensively (boors, papers, journal articles and media) on many topics related to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Occupation: Independent Researcher and Analyst, affiliated with King’s College London and the Royal United Services Institute
Countries of expertise: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria

Hoehne-Turaeva, Dr. Rano

The Expert is a Country Expert and academic with extensive fieldwork expeirience and providing expert reports (100+) for more than 40 firms in the UK, US, Netherlands, and Canada with areas of expertise such as but not limited to:
- Authentication documents originating from countries of expertise
- Country reports on the indicated countries of expertise
- Minority groups, religious groups
- Political, social and cultural groups: LGBT
- Organized crime and mafia, state crime
- Extremist and violent groups, including religious groups
- Human rights violations
- Women issues: honor killing
- Human trafficking
- Psychiatry and prison conditions
- Disadvantaged groups e.g. children, minorities, mentally ill, disabled, terminally ill
- Availability of medical services
- State structure, military and security services
- Drug dealing and trafficking

Occupation: Expert/ Consultant/Analyst/Researcher
Countries of expertise: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Russia (North Caucasus), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Holden, Livia

Current Position

2017 – current – Senior Research Fellow – Centre for Socio-Legal Studies – School of Law - University of Oxford

2016 – current – full professor with tenure (on Leave) – University of Padua

2016 – 2021 – PI of European Research Council project – Cultural Expertise in Europe (EURO-EXPERT)

Past Position

DEAN – Humanities and Social Sciences – Karakoram International University

Professor of Anthropology - LUMS

Occupation: Academician
Countries of expertise: India, Pakistan

Jansz, Frederica

Expert Witness skilled in advising the courts on cases involving Sri Lankan, Pakistan and the Maldive Islands asylum seekers.

Occupation: Journalist and Editor.
Countries of expertise: Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Khan, Asad Ali

The Expert is a practising Advocate and Barrister-at-Law in Pakistan. He is the Senior Partner of Khan & Co Barristers-at-Law and has repeatedly been appointed as an expert on Pakistani law in the UK court system. The Expert is counsel to foreign governments on Pakistani law and is a Registered Foreign Lawyer with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and practices law in the UK and in Pakistan. The Expert has provided numerous reports in immigration and family law cases funded by the Legal Aid Agency and the Scottish Legal Aid Board. The reports provided by the Expert have addressed issues related to adultery, adoption, blasphemy, custody and abduction of children, divorce (talaq), divorce (khula), forced conversions, forced marriages, gender based violence, gender identity claims, honour killings, human trafficking, internal relocation, jirgas (tribal councils), law reform, legitimacy of children, Pakistani prisons, protection of witnesses, religious minorities and ethnic groups, statelessness, sexual orientation claims, terrorism offences and women’s protection legislation. The Expert is particularly well-versed in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, judicial review in Pakistani courts, public law issues and national accountability cases.

Countries of expertise: Pakistan

Minhas, Rehan Afzal

The expert has prepared hundreds of expert opinions on Pakistani Law matters for English Law firms and is an expert on all Political Groups in Pakistan.

Occupation: BARRISTER-AT-LAW (N.P)
Countries of expertise: Pakistan

Moeen, Uzma

Occupation: An experienced academician in law and former Senior Lecturer in Pakistani Law at several Law Colleges in Pakistan since 1996 and an Associate of the Asian Legal Advice Service UK
Countries of expertise: Pakistan

Panjwani, Dr Imranali

Dr. Imranali Panjwani is the Head of Diverse Legal Consulting, UK ( and a Lecturer in Law at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, Essex. He has the unique combination of being a lawyer and academic having lived and worked in the UK, Middle East and Australia. His country expert reports draw upon primary country and theological sources with stringent analysis of evidence, law and language. He resides in the UK.

Occupation: Head of Diverse Legal Consulting, UK & Lecturer in Law at Anglia Ruskin University
Countries of expertise: Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Iraq (Kurdistan Regional Government), Malaysia, Morocco and Western Sahara, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Yemen

Smith, Dr Chris

Dr Chris Smith has completed over 2,000 expert witness reports on Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan since 2005, primarily for the UK courts but also in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Most recent one month research visit to Northern Sri Lanka in March 2019 (Northern and Eastern Provinces).  Will visit again later in 2019 for Country Guidance research.

Oral expert evidence in all recent Sri Lankan Country Guidance cases from LP to GJ and Others. Commissioned for forthcoming CG on sur place activities.

Also, India, especially Tamil Nadu and Khalistan and LGBTQ. Research visits to India and Pakistan are planned for early-2020.

Extensive field work and publications record in India from 1983, including PhD on India’s defence industry and security sector (1988) and two year tenure at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies/United Nations University (Delhi) (1983-85).

Expert witness research trip planned for early-2020 (Chandigarh, Delhi, Chennai etc).  Focus upon LGBTQ, anti-terrorist operations, security sector,

Also, extensive fieldwork on Pakistan, especially illegal weapons proliferation, security sector, governance, human rights.  Further field research on Ahmadi, Christian, LGBTQ planned for early-2009.

Occupation: Senior Research Fellow, School of Advanced Study, University of London, PhD, MA, B.SocSci. (Previously King’s College, London and University of Sussex.)
Countries of expertise: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Tran, Thi Lan Anh

Dr. Tran Thi Lan Anh (PhD in Law) has worked as a senior official for the Vietnamese Government. Expert holds PhD in Law from the School of Law, University of Leeds and worked as post-doctoral researcher on human rights here.

Dr. Tran Thi Lan Anh is also an expert on various aspect of Vietnam in include the socio-economic system, legal regime, human rights, political regime, women and children, and human trafficking. This expert has written many expert reports and made numerous appearances at the court as an expert witness.

Occupation: Independent Consultant, Representative for the Vietnam Private Business Association in the United Kingdom; Visiting lecturer at Hanoi National Economics University
Countries of expertise: Cambodia, China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam

Wali, Farhaan

The Expert is a sociologist and religious studies expert with specialisation in Asia and the Middle East. He has authored over 150 subject-specific expert legal reports concerning human rights, asylum and terrorism cases. The Expert has spent several years in the field, carrying out research both in Britain and abroad, enabling him to generate expert reports on the country conditions of asylum applicants. The Expert has been involved in several cross-cultural research projects in the private and public sector. As an expert in South Asia, he spent several years conducting extensive fieldwork across South Asia. In Pakistan, he worked alongside local politicians and social workers, gaining considerable insight into national and local political and legal structures in Pakistan. This makes him a regional expert of South Asia and the Muslim world, especially related to religion, society, culture and politics. He is a peer-reviewed member of the academic community and currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of History, Philosophy and Social Science at Bangor University. He has authored three books: (1) Radicalism Unveiled (Routledge, 2013); (2) Segregated Britain: Everyday Life in Muslim Enclaves (Peter Lang, 2020); (3) Leaving Islamism (Peter Lang, Forthcoming).

Occupation: Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies in the School of History, Philosophy and Social Science at Bangor University (UK)
Countries of expertise: Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan