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Dr. Antonio Giustozzi

Expert on Afghanistan with experience of producing several hundred expert reports on asylum cases from 2004 onwards on all aspects of Afghanistan. Has acted as expert witness in trials in the UK, US, Australia and the Netherlands. From 2014 he has produced over 100 reports on Pakistani asylum seekers. From 2019 he started producing reports on Syria and Iraq and in 2020 he started producing reports on Iran. Has published extensively (boors, papers, journal articles and media) on many topics related to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Dr. Antonio Giustozzi
Independent Researcher and Analyst, affiliated with King’s College London and the Royal United Services Institute

Over the last 25 years The Expert has covered most aspects of Afghanistan politics, security and social and economic issues in several books and tens of articles and reports. The Expert's engagement with Pakistan is more recent and mostly focused on insurgent groups, especially jihadists ones. But The Expert has covered the repression of dissident groups as well in their reports. Three years ago The Expert started working on Syria and two years ago on Iraq, mostly covering militias, security forces and insurgent groups.


The Expert has produced over 1,000 expert reports on Afghanistan, plus hundreds of verification reports of documents issued in Afghanistan (IDs, police documents, Taliban threat letters, etc.);


The Expert has also produced 100 expert reports on Pakistan and about 25 verification reports of police FIRs and other documents;


The Expert has now started producing country and verification reports in Syria,  Iraq and Iran, after setting up a network of local collaborators.



Books, as sole author or co-author:





Books, as sole author or co-author:


The Taliban at war, London : Hurst, 2019


The Islamic State in Khorasan, London ; Hurst, 2018


[with Artemy Kalinovsky] Missionaries of modernity: Advisory Missions and the Struggle for Hegemony, from the 1940s to Afghanistan, London : Hurst, 2016


The Army of Afghanistan: a political history of a fragile institution, London : Hurst, 2016


[with Mohammad Ishaqzadeh] Policing Afghanistan: The Politics of the Lame Leviathan, London : Hurst, 2013


The Art of Coercion: The primitive accumulation and management of coercive power, London : Hurst, 2011


Empires of mud: wars and warlords of Afghanistan, London : C. Hurst & Co and New York : Columbia University Press, 2009


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War, politics and society in Afghanistan, 1978-1992, London : C. Hurst & Co. and Georgetown University Press, 2000.


Books, as editor:


Post-conflict Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration: bringing state-building back in, Hants ; Ashgate, 2012.


Decoding the New Taliban: Insights from the Afghan field, London : C. Hurst & Co and New York : Columbia University Press, 2009.



Other publications:


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