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Corinna-Barbara Francis

China expert with 30+ years academic, human rights and human trafficking experience. 20+ years experience writing China country expert witness reports for UK asylum cases on wide range of substantive grounds. 5+ years experience as UK NRM first responder.

Corinna-Barbara Francis
Independent Consultant

China expert with 30+ years academic, human rights and human trafficking experience, including 15+ years as a professor and lecturer of Chinese domestic and international politics in the US and the UK, 15+ years in Chinese human rights and human trafficking research, advocacy and campaigning. I have 8+ years experience working as an independent China consultant writing commissioned reports on China human rights, human trafficking and general Chinese politics.


I have been writing expert witness country reports for Chinese national asylum and human rights cases in the UK for over 20 years, including on a wide range of thematic issues, including political and religious persecution, human trafficking, ethnic minority persecution [particularly Tibet and Uyghurs], family planning violation risks and other human rights grounds.

As a first responder with the Salvation Army, I have extensive knowledge of the UK’s NRM system, and the human trafficking of Chinese nationals transnationally and within the UK.


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Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish.
Ethnic groups expertise
Chinese, Tibetan [China], Uyghur [China]
Political groups expertise
General political dissidents, human rights defenders.
Religious groups expertise
Falun Gong, house Christians, Catholics, Buddhists,
Other social groups expertise
Human trafficking victims, risk based on family planning violations.
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