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The UK in the European Convention: fudge, or a shining example?

By Rosalind English, UK Human Rights Blog, 09 October 2014
Brick Court Chambers Public Law Event 2014: Is it time for the common law to break free from Europe? Last night's discussion at Gray's Inn Hall featured a panel with Dominic Grieve QC MP (formerly Attorney General), Lord Judge (formerly Lord Chief Justice), Bella Sankey (Policy Director…

UKSC Blog interviews Lord Neuberger

By UK Supreme Court Blog, 16 September 2014
This summer, some of the editors of the UKSC Blog were invited to the UKSC to meet and interview Lord Neuberger. Upon arrival we were taken to his office and offered cups of coffee and croissants. Notwithstanding the fact that the UKSC's President had a busy day in court ahead, he was…

Immigration policy after the Scottish referendum

By Ruth Grove-White, Migrants' Rights Network, 12 September 2014
A week before Scotland goes to the polls, the outcome of the independence referendum seems too close to call. But what could be its implications for immigration policy? Next Thursday's independence referendum has galvanised the population of Scotland, leading to hot debate over the…

On Immigration, Goats, and Scapegoats

By Nadine Khan, transitnational, 03 September 2014
Here's a round-up of some of the UK's biggest news in the past few weeks. 1. The Office for National Statistics reported net migration increased by 39% over the previous 12 months, ending March 2014. 2. MP Douglass Carswell defected to the UK Independence Party. 3. ManUtd signed Marcos…

Avoiding “chaos and confusion in the courtroom” with a well-organised bundle

By John Kelly, 25 August 2014
It’s been something of a notable month for bundles. Regular readers of EIN news will have seen a recent item here on a very interesting report looking at the 'culture of disbelief' in the UK asylum system by the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford. It was also picked up (…

Abysmal asylum support rates are hampering torture survivors' recovery from trauma

By Andy Keefe, Freedom from Torture, 07 August 2014
Marie* was arrested and imprisoned for attending a peaceful anti-government demonstration organised by students at her university in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During her three months in detention she was raped, beaten and burned with cigarettes almost every day. She arrived in…

Locked up and shipped out: Fast track asylum

By Faraz Shibli, 24 July 2014
Earlier this month, Channel 4 News reported the Home Office's removal from the UK of a client of mine. She was a Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seeker, who claimed that she had been detained, raped and tortured by soldiers in Sri Lanka due to her political opinion. Some time after escaping from…

Minimum income rules for immigrants do not breach human rights – Appeal Court

By Rosalind English, UK Human Rights Blog, 18 July 2014
MM (Lebanon) and Others, R (on the application of ) v Secretary of State for the Home Department & Anor [2014] EWCA Civ 985 (11 July 2014) Provisions in the Immigration Rules which impose income requirements on individuals living in the United Kingdom, who wish to bring their non-…

Seeking asylum is a human right, not a crime

By Maurice Wren, Refugee Council, 07 July 2014
Imagine a country where, at the stroke of a pen and without any recourse to a judge, a faceless Government official can deprive someone of their liberty and, at the stroke of a pen, consign them indefinitely to what to all intents and purposes is a prison, without them having being…

World Refugee Day Remarks

By T. Alexander Aleinikoff, UNHCR, 20 June 2014
We announce today a startling and deeply disturbing fact: that there are now more than 50 million persons who have been forced from their homes because of conflict. On every continent, in every region, human beings flee violence and seek the safety that international law and international…
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