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Is a new Immigration Bill to be announced in the Queen's Speech?

By Awale Olad, Migrants' Rights Network, 02 June 2014
The 'hostile' Immigration Act 2014 was indeed a flagship piece of legislation and we are, it seems, set to see a second tough immigration bill announced in the Queen's Speech this coming Wednesday. The first Immigration Bill, which became an act in May 2014 after a long battle with…

The UK Immigration Act 2014: Last Minute Amendments – Too Little, Too Late?

By Celia Rooney, Border Criminologies, 19 May 2014
Last week, on 14 May, the Immigration Act 2014 was given Royal Assent. According to the Home Office, the Act will 'ensure our immigration system is fairer to British citizens and legitimate migrants,' while being 'tougher on those with no right to be here.' Indeed, Home Secretary Theresa…

Regulating spousal reunion under EU and Convention Law

By Dr Iyiola Solanke, EUtopia Law, 08 May 2014
Countries in Europe have increasingly adopted immigration rules that explicitly test an applicant's 'ability to be integrated' into the host society. This controversial idea goes beyond formal citizenship acquisition to prioritise, for example, the specific level of 'attachment' with the…

External processing of applications for international protection in the EU

By Steve Peers, EU Law Analysis, 24 April 2014
Last autumn's huge loss of lives near Lampedusa, when hundreds of migrants drowned in the Mediterranean, was one of the latest and most dramatic death tolls in the recent history of irregular crossing of that sea. It ought to have led to a complete rethink of EU policy toward border…

Rights of residence of TCN family members within a Union citizen's home state: Comment on Cases C-456/12 O and B and C-457/12 S and G, Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber)

By Catherine Taroni, EUtopia Law, 03 April 2014
Context Directive 2004/38 on the right of citizens of the Union and their family members to move and reside freely grants qualifying Union citizens rights of residence in Member States other than their own, and allows family members to derive rights of residence from the Union citizen. As…

A simple guide to the Tier 4 visa application process for international students

By Immigration Advice Service (IAS), 27 March 2014
International students all have the added step of applying for their UK study visa. With the extensive amount of organisation that goes into preparing to study abroad, the application process for a student visa can often be seen as nothing more than a daunting hassle. The UK has a points…

Getting the Facts for Migrants and the Courts

By Geoffrey Care, 18 March 2014
My first encounter with the importance of a much deeper and wider knowledge of decisions in cases and factual backgrounds which could have an impact on immigration appeals, with which I had become involved as an adjudicator way back in 1979, was when I was dished out with the limited…

Supreme Court rules on EU conditions for asylum seekers

By Dominic Ruck Keene, UK Human Rights Blog, 10 March 2014
EM (Eritrea) and Others v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2014] UKSC 12 The Supreme Court overturned the Court of Appeal's decision on the correct test for when an asylum seeker or refugee resists their return to another EU country (here Italy) in which they first sought or…

Uncharted territory? The European Charter and Fair Trial Rights

By Anita Davies, EUtopia Law, 24 February 2014
The case of ZZ v SSHD [2014] EWCA Civ 7 shows that, in certain circumstances, the European Charter may come to an individual's rescue in terms of procedural protection even when the European Convention of Human Rights does not apply. While this news will no doubt be of concern to some…
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