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Attacks from House of Lords and High Court build momentum of family migration campaign

By Ruth Grove-White, Migrants' Rights Network, 08 July 2013
Last week the campaign to end new rules on family migration took a major step forward with a debate in the House of Lords, followed by a significant judgment in the High Court. Until last week, the government had apparently decided to face down the growing political and public concern…

The serious lesson hiding behind the Express’s latest rights “outrage”

By Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog, 12 June 2013
12 June 2013 may go down in legal history. For it was the first time a national newspaper's main headline was about the launch of a legal textbook. In a paradoxical explosion of free publicity for said book, the Daily Express reported that a new online guide to European asylum and…

Cameron is relenting to backbenchers on immigration policy

By Awale Olad, Migrants' Rights Network, 03 June 2013
The Conservative Party finds itself in a never-ending brawl on a number of issues, in particular Europe and equal marriage. But one thing is clear: David Cameron has so far been unwilling to fight on immigration. He's happy for his Tory backbenchers to lead on the direction of policy…

Chikwamba delivers again

By Sarah Pinder, Free Movement, 28 May 2013
Last month saw the advent of a very useful decision from the High Court concerning the lack of provision in the Immigration Rules to allow migrants in the Points-Based System to switch whilst in-country into a PBS dependent category: Zhang, R (on the application of) v SSHD [2013] EWHC 891…

Apocalypse soon? The UK without the European Convention on Human Rights

By Jim Duffy, UK Human Rights Blog, 17 May 2013
Last night, lawyers, academics, NGOs and even the President of the Supreme Court gathered in a basement conference room in central London. Their purpose was to discuss the UK "without Convention Rights", a possible future that some might view as post-apocalyptic, and others as utopia.…

UKIP has an advantage that is not based on concrete policy proposals

By Awale Olad, Migrants' Rights Network, 07 May 2013
The aftermath of the UKIP surge in the polls in the local elections has led to a lot of soul searching in mainstream politics. To the detriment of the Conservative Party whilst also hacking away at both the support of the Labour and Liberal Democrats parties, UKIP emerged as the third…

Survivors of torture respond to Asylum Inquiry

By Freedom from Torture, 18 April 2013
Survivors Speak OUT (SSO), the only torture survivor activist network in the UK, has responded to the current Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Asylum with a submission of evidence, drawing on members' first-hand experience of the UK asylum system and suggesting targeted…

More changes to the Immigration Rules

By Iain Palmer, Free Movement, 04 April 2013
Two Statements of Changes to bring to your attention, HC1038 and HC1039. On Monday 1 April 2013, HC1038 came into effect and can be viewed here. Far weightier are the changes contained in HC1039 which will be brought into force on Saturday 6 April 2013 HC1039. These can be viewed here.…
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