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Alex Ntung

Author, speaker and Country Expert (DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan) and Expert Witness in Social Cultural, Linguistic, Religious and Ethnic Issues in Litigation (Great Lakes Region of Africa).

Alex Ntung
Director, Researcher and Expert Witness (Expert Advisory and Research Services, UK)

Expert is a registered and fully vetted Country Expert Witness (Great Lakes Region of Africa) for the High Courts and has produced over 250 analytical reports. Expert is involved in developing objective and independent research, analysis and scoping studies covering social, political, security, cultural, religious and ethnic issues in litigation (DRC, Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan). Expert is the author of Not My Worst Day, a personal biographical account, and other analytical papers on DRC security and conflict situations. Expert is an international speaker with a unique insight into the issues of war and human security, cultural insensitivity and conflict resolution. He has occupied wide range of responsibilities in international development and migration related issues. Expert is a professional member of the Expert Witness Institute (UK), Mind Professional and the Institute of Migration Research. Expert is involved in peace and political mediation work for civil society organisations.



This expert has 10 years of experience in research and analysis. He has produced over 250 expert witness reports (DRC, Burundi and Uganda). The expert has offered expert opinions on wide range of issues including political and security, ethnicities, traditional beliefs, cultures and languages. Expert is often instructed by the defence solicitors acting on behalf of failed asylum seekers appealing against rulings by the Immigration Agencies or other specialist institutions such as the media, international businesses and International Non- Government Organisations.

  1. Not My Worst Day: A personal journey through violence in the Great Lakes Region of Africa
  2. ‘Not My Worst Day’: Reflections on Rwanda at 20

  1. DRC: December’s attacks show post-M23 domestic incohesion abounds

  1. Congo: Kabila reshuffles his military pack

  1. Ntung, A. and Barnes, J. (2015) Education in a Diverse UK. Migrant Help Communications
  2. Ntung, A. and Barnes, J. (2015) Language and Culture Guide. Migrant Help Communications

 A hidden war in DRC, Burundi crisis and Great Lakes geopolitics

Kinyarwanda, Kinyamulenge, Kirundi, Lingala, Swahili, French, English
Ethnic groups expertise
Cross-border ethnic groups in Great Lakes Region of Africa (Rwandophone ethnic groups, Nuer and Dinka in South Sudan), Baganda, Toro and Banyankole in Uganda. Other ethnic groups in Eastern of Congo.
Political groups expertise
Armed groups in DRC. Geopolitics in DRC, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.
Religious groups expertise
Various religious organisations including traditional belief systems (DRC, Tanzania and Burundi)
Other social groups expertise
Human right issues such as Female Genital Mutilation, circumcisions, forced marriage, Treatment of albinos and cultural related gender-based violence (Africa).
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