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Rehan Afzal Minhas

The expert has prepared hundreds of expert opinions on Pakistani Law matters for English Law firms and is an expert on all Political Groups in Pakistan.

Rehan Afzal Minhas

The expert is a duly qualified practising Registered foreign lawyer in the UK, working with a law firm. Primarily dealing with Immigration & Asylum, family, Civil Litigation and Employment Cases. The expert has been working in Immigration sector for the 10 years. Therefore, has a good knowledge of PBS System, Settlement and Non- Settlement cases and court procedures.

The expert is also a practising Pakistani Lawyer in the UK. He re-qualified in England and Wales and was called to the Bar as a Barrister in July 2015.


The expert has been working as a sole director and a foreign lawyer in his own International Law firm based in the UK and in Pakistan since 2005. He is a specialist in advising on Pakistani laws. The expert does provide expert / consultancy services to Law firms and their clients from the Pakistani Community and has provided opinions and a good number of reports to the UK Courts, very specifically in family and child abductions cases.

He has prepared hundreds of expert opinions on Pakistani Law matters, for English Law firms.

The experts major areas of practice are Civil and Criminal Litigation and also will provide specialised services in Pakistani Family Law matters. Such as, Matrimonial disputes, family mediation, Islamic Divorce (Khula), Islamic Inheritance, Child Custody issues, Parental Child abductions, Dowry and Maintenance issues and all other related disputes.

The expert is also a practising Advocate of High Court in Pakistan, where the majority of my work is at the Appellate Courts against the Judgements and orders of the Lower Court.

At the Lower Court in Pakistan he has dealt with a large number of successful cases in Civil, Criminal, Narcotics, Immigration, Family, Guardian & Succession, Probate and Wills, Land Revenue, Refugees, Human Rights and Anti - Human Trafficking.

Ethnic groups expertise
PAKISTANI. The expert can deal with the cases from any ethnic groups in Pakistan. Particularly, I am expert in dealing with cases from Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkwah.
Political groups expertise
Has expertise on all Political Groups in Pakistan.
Religious groups expertise
Has expertise on all Religious Groups in Pakistan. Specifically, I can provide expert advise on Shia and Sunni Conflict and on Qadiyani (Ahmadi) conflicts and problems.
Other social groups expertise
The expert can provide his expert opinion on all the dynamics of Pakistani Politicial, Legal, Constitutional Social and Cultural Systems.
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