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Dr Hazel Cameron

Experienced expert witness and author of country reports for courts and tribunals nationally and internationally
Academic expertise in East African and Southern African administrative, political, economic and social issues. Also available for document authentication and in-country certification.

 Themes; risks on return; state sponsored violence; gross violations of human rights perpetrated by state security forces; political violence, torture and sexual violence; arbitrary arrest and detention; opposition politics and election violence; gender based violence; economy; education; criminal justice system; witness protection; criminal justice system; prison conditions; sufficiency of protection; LGBTI; policing; housing; employment; food security identification on return;  internal relocation; health care; health insurance; mental health services; gender based violence; domestic violence, forced marriage; human trafficking; ethnic groups; social groups; country case law.  

Dr Hazel Cameron
Academic Consultant

Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy

Specific areas of study/expertise: The Expert is a critical criminologist with a particular research interest  in state crime including genocide, crimes against humanity and other gross violations of human rights. She has undertaken extensive study of Ugandan, Rwandan and Zimbabwean social and political affairs including extended periods of in country fieldwork over the past two decades. In Rwanda, her research includes monitoring/evaluation of the Rwandan Criminal Justice System, the Rwandan Correctional Services, and the Rwandan National Police. She has undertaken rigorous studies within Rwandan prisons including interviews with prisoners convicted of crimes of genocide, and prisoners extradited to Rwanda to face trial on charges of crimes of genocide. She has also undertaken studies with Rwandan survivors of genocide and victims of contemporary state political violence. The Expert’s in country experience in Zimbabwe includes extensive studies of state political violence in post-independent Zimbabwe with a particular focus on the Matabeleland Massacres of 1982-1987 (Gukurahundi) and electoral violence 1980-2018. Most recent studies include interviewing survivors of Gukurahundi mass rape and torture.


The Expert is an experienced expert witness and author of country reports for courts and tribunals nationally and internationally. The Expert has over thirty years of experience providing expert witness testimony at criminal and civil courts of law in the UK and abroad, including the Torture Claims Appeal Board, Hong Kong. She is fully conversant with the duties and responsibilities of an expert witness to the court. Her research to date has received regional, national and international media attention. Multiple live television and radio interviews have been undertaken with Sky news; France 24; TVR; South Africa Broadcasting Corporation; Chinese television; Australian television; Euronews; Channel 4; British Forces Radio; Russian Television, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, and BBC Radio Scotland. Research has featured in newspaper articles around the globe, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA.


Tasaddat Hussain, Barrister, Garden Court North Chambers, Manchester

"As a practitioner of over 20yrs I have come across Dr Cameron's reports frequently. The quality of those reports is evident from the fact they are bespoke, focused and presented in the correct amount of detail, whilst devoid of excessive or irrelevant commentary and do not stray into areas beyond the remit of a country expert. Barrister colleagues also recommend Dr Cameron to their instructing solicitors and each other, which is further testimony of her standing as a reputable country expert."

Amrit Singh Raindi, Solicitor, London

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr Hazel Cameron with many of my immigration matters. She is reliable, efficient and a very credible expert. Her work speaks volumes and she can identify the main issues and can provide a detailed, researched based analysis of the matter in hand. Her professional expertise and opinion has always been an important factor in determining the outcome of many cases. She is brilliant. I would highly recommend”

Helen Baron, Solicitor, London

“My colleague and I instructed Dr Cameron to provide us with an expert country report in relation to health (HIV, mental health and disability) and access to social assistance in Uganda, to assist the Court in the course of our client's human rights appeal against the Home Office's refusal of his claim for leave to remain in the UK. Dr Cameron's report was detailed and thorough, including both a comprehensive literature review and insight from in-country actors in order to respond to the specific questions posed. Her report and follow up were invaluable to the success of the appeal. We also appreciated her patience and responsiveness in dealing with some challenges on the way! Much recommended for anyone seeking expert evidence on Uganda.”

Andrew Bradley, Solicitor, Glasgow

“The case was successful. The Judge was very impressed with your report! Thank you!”  

Queenie Lau, Barrister, Temple Chambers, Hong Kong

“Thank you so much for your extremely swift turnaround (and in fact, the Adjudicator yesterday was also most appreciative of how swiftly you had produced your first Addendum for us as well - thank you!)”

Sara Abel, Solicitor, Leicester

“I instructed Hazel to complete two country expert reports on Zimbabwe. Hazel completed the reports very quickly and kept me updated the whole time. The reports themselves were brilliant and covered a vast range of the struggles my clients would have faced upon return to Zimbabwe. The reports were brilliantly written, comprehensive and easy to understand. I have recommended Hazel to colleagues and would definitely instruct her again.”

Michael J. McCarroll, Solicitor, Denver, USA

"Your expert witness report was very thorough and persuasive. Thank you for your hard work on this case. I think it will have a big impact on the court's decision."

Sam Jubb, Solicitor, Manchester

“I instructed Hazel to draft an expert report focusing on the treatment of political dissidents in Zimbabwe, namely MDC members. Her report was detailed and her conclusions genuine; I believe that her expertise was invaluable in assisting with my client's case. Hazel also contacted her connections in Zimbabwe and managed to authenticate documents we sought to rely on. She really went the extra mile and I would recommend her to anyone seeking expert opinion.”

Other social groups expertise
Political, religious, gender, LGBT
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