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Dr Samuel Ayele Bekalo

Freelance Horn of Africa advisor/consultant.  Produced over 100 country reports (on Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, The Sudan) for various organisations and legal firms.

Dr Samuel Ayele Bekalo
Freelance Horn of Africa Countries Advisor / Consultant

Horn/East Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan); UK/Europe

Languages: Fluent - English & Amharic, Basic – Tigrinya, Little – Arabic

Professional Services include:

• Countries Situations: Consultancy/Analytical Research/Reports Compilation (socio-culture, political-economy, conflict resolution, training provisions)

• Asylum & Immigration/Migration Matters

• Educational Development (primary to tertiary, teacher education, emergency/refugee education)

• Families & Minority Ethnic Groups (representation and advocacy, integration promotion, capacity building)

• Language Services: Amharic - English (documents authentication, translation, interpretation)

Past & Present Clients Include:

• Universities (Leeds & Oxford - UK, Hawsaa & Addis Ababa – Ethiopia, Former Asmara – Eritrea, Hargeisa & Borama, Somaliland)

• Organizations (DFID - UK, The British Council – UK & Ethiopia, UNICEF – OLS, Kenya & Sudan, AET - Somalia & Somaliland, The Windle International - UK, Kenya, Somalia & Sudan)

• Solicitors/Legal firms worldwide (UK, Europe, North Atlantic, Africa)

• Law Enforcement Bodies (Home Office/Border Control, Courts, Police Forces)

Qualification / Education (PhD, MEd):


Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

Leeds University, UK

PhD (Development Education)

Leeds University, UK

MEd (Masters in Science Education)

Leeds University, UK

Post-graduate / Advanced Diploma

(Development Education)

Kotebe Teacher Education University, Ethiopia Education




Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

Leeds University, UK (1998 - 2007)

Successful completion of higher education

accredited Professional Development Courses in:

Project Development and Management,

Research Development, Personnel Management, Communication,

Writing for Publications.

Institute of Linguistic (IoL / IND) & Refugee Migrant Justice, UK (2003-2005)

Certificates of Accreditation

Specialist Amharic Language Training in Interpreting,

Translating, Assessment & Document Authentication

Membership of professional bodies:

• Member: AUT (Association of University Teachers) & LUCAS (Leeds University Centre for African Studies), UK

• Associate Member: The UK Academy of Experts

• Examiner & Member: IoL (Institute of Linguist) UK

• Member: The Windle International & AET (UK / Kenya / Somalia / Sudan / Ethiopia)

• Founding Member & Adviser: Diaspora East African Communities and Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs) Forum, Leeds & UK Wide.

• Member: Development Forum (MEDREK), Ethiopia


Summary of Professional Work Experience

Date from - Date to





June 2007 - Present

(UK / Europe, North Atlantic/ East / Horn of Africa)

Various Development Organizations, Educational & Language Institutions, Solicitors, Law Enforcement Bodies

Freelance Horn of Africa Countries Advisor/ Consultant
Research Fellow

- Research & Consultancy Work covering various areas (e.g. asylum &
migration, education, socio-cultural and political situations, family and
community, capacity building).
- As an accredited Amharic Linguist, provision of such professional
services as document translation and authentication, for the above
mentioned institutions and IoL (Institute of Linguistic, UK).

July 2003 -June 2007

Leeds, UK

LEEC (Leeds Ethiopian-Eritrean Communities) & RCOs (Refugee Community Organizations)

Founder and Development Projects Advisor / Manager

- Representation & Capacity building work of LEEC & RCOs of East/
Horn of Africa origins.
- Research & Training Provisions.
- Fund raising.

Sept. 1998 –July 2007

UK (Leeds)
Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, The Sudan)

The University of Leeds
International School of Education &
Development Studies
Leeds , UK

International Link Project Manager & Research and Development Fellow.

•  Managing collaborative project work between institutions, donors and
local authorities between Leeds University School of Education (LUSE, UK) with African Educational Trust, UNICEF - OLS Sudan, Somaliland and South Sudan Authorities and Hawassa Teacher University College (Ethiopia)
• Research and Development, Teaching / Lecturing

July 1988 – Aug. 1992

Khartoum (Sudan)

The Nile Society for Refugee,
Khartoum Sudan
American School, Khartoum Sudan

Assistant Director
Assistant Teacher

- Establishment of income generating and education centers for displaced
refugees in collaboration with the UN and other humanitarian organizations.
- Conflict resolution and peace building work amongst communities from
war-torn countries (e.g. Ethiopia and Eritrea, North & South Sudan,
Somalia), through consultation and collaboration with key institutions (e.g.
Faith groups, established community organizations, UN/UNHCR, host
country authorities).
- Teaching


Working Papers

Bekalo, S.A. 2000 - 2016 Over 300 Country Reports on Horn (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, The Sudan) Compiled for Various Organizations and Legal Firms.

New / Recent Publications

Bekalo S A [Part II (of II) ,19 April 2015]. Ethiopia: After EPRDF, Who is ready to take over power? Ethiopia Nazret. Com Publication.

Bekalo S A [Part I (of II) 24 March 2015]. Ethiopia: After EPRDF, Who is ready to take over power? Ethiopia Nazret. Com Publication.

Bekalo S A (19 February 2015). A Prospective Reflection: Is Arab-Style 'Revolution' No Longer Looming in the Nile Basin African Countries? Ethiopian Review. Ethio Media Publication.

Bekalo S A (Issue No. 48, December 2014). African Refugees and the Responses of Churches to Displacement in the UK. Forced Migration Review [FMR], Oxford University Press.

Bekalo S A (Issue No. 41, December 2012). East African Refugees Adapting to Life in the UK. Forced Migration Review, Oxford University Press, December 2012).

Other Sample Publications

Bekalo, S.A. (2007). Exploring the Socio-Cultural and Economic Transformation of the Habesha Communities in Diaspora: traditional vs. new cultural heritage. Part I & II. LEC – UK, October 2007.

Bekalo, S.A. (2004). Book Review. Africa in the New Millennium: challenges and prospects. African studies Bulletin. No. 66 (2004). Leeds University Centre for African studies (LUCAS) Publications.

Bekalo, S.A. (2003) Society and Culture: Field Research Visit to Somalia and Sudan. The International Education News Letter, Leeds University.

Bekalo, S.A. (2003). The Development of Basic Education in Post-conflict Somalia. International Journal of Educational Development, Vol. 23 (2003).

Bekalo, S.A. and C Bangay (2002). Towards Effective Environmental Education in developing countries: problems and prospects in responding to the environment-poverty challenge. International Journal of Educational Development, Vol. 12 (2002).

Bekalo, S.A. (1999). Secondary pre-service teacher education in Ethiopia: its impact on teachers' competence and confidence to teach practical work in science (1999). International Journal of Science Education, Vol. 21, No. 12 (1999).

Bekalo, S.A. (2000). Practical activity in Ethiopian secondary physical sciences: implications for policy and practice of the match between the intended and implemented curriculum (2000). Research Papers in Education, Vol. 75, No. 2 (2000).

Fluent: English, Amharic. Basic: Tigrinya, Arabic
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