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ILPA Webinar: Domestic Workers

WEB 1027 Domestic Workers (WEBINAR)

Thursday 09 July 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 6:15 pm

An examination of the requirements of the visas for domestic workers in private and in diplomatic households, with a particular focus on how to navigate the ethical problems thrown up by the power relationship between employer and worker. A look at what can be done for migrant domestic workers when things go wrong: what options are open to them, including when are they recognised as trafficked persons? The course will also consider the circumstances in which you might be called upon to assist domestic workers in private households who held the "old" visa that led to settlement.


1. Visas for domestic workers in private households
2. Visas for domestic servants in diplomatic households
3. Ethical considerations
4. When will a domestic worker be recognised as trafficked (and when not)?
5. What options are open to domestic workers recognised as trafficked?
6. Domestic workers who came in on visas leading to settlement and the problems with which they present.


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