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Right to Remain publishes updated version of its Toolkit guide to the UK immigration and asylum system


Fifth edition of the Toolkit includes new sections and amendments to reflect changes in legal process and procedures

Date of Publication:
24 February 2020

Right to Remain publishes updated version of its Toolkit guide to the UK immigration and asylum system

24 February 2020

The non-profit organisation Right to Remain last week released an updated version of its well-known Toolkit self-help and solidarity guide to the UK immigration and asylum system.

Toolkit photoIt is the fifth edition of the Right to Remain Toolkit.

You can access the online edition of the Tookit here or you can order a hard copy of the new 2020 Toolkit here for a donation of between £15 and £25.

According to Right to Remain, changes for the updated 2020 version include:

  • a new colour scheme,
  • new images (including a diagram of the hearing room),
  • new sections, including "If You Have Children" and "Long Residence",
  • Rewritten and/or redesigned sections, including "Asylum Screening Interview"; "Family Members"; and "Human Rights",
  • additions and amendments in response to changes in the legal process and procedures. For example, childcare being provided for asylum substantive interviews in some circumstances, and the new Home Office policy to automatically audio-record the interview,
  • improvements based on constant learning and suggestions from users.

Right to Remain explains: "The Right to Remain Toolkit is a comprehensive but user-friendly resource that helps people to understand and navigate the complicated asylum and immigration system, find support and solidarity, overcome the barriers to justice, and take action to secure their right to remain."

"The Toolkit provides an overview of the legal system and procedures, with detailed information on rights and options at key stages, and actions you can take in support of your claim, or to help someone else."

Meanwhile, Right to Remain announced earlier this month that it was seeking to recruit volunteer board members for its Management Committee, including a new Treasurer. You can read more details and download an application form here.

The deadline for applying is Sunday 15 March 2020.