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ILPA: Clients can retrieve archived IAS files


Former clients of IAS have until midnight on 28th May 2012 to make a request for retrieval of their files

Date of Publication:
28 February 2012

ILPA: Clients can retrieve archived IAS files

28 February 2012

ILPA have published a new statement by the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) administrators Cork Gully LLP. The statement says former clients of IAS have until midnight on 28th May 2012 to make a request for retrieval of their files.

A form to request the retrieval of a file is available at

The full statement is below:



If you are a former client of IAS and want to retrieve your file, pursuant to a court order made on 27 February 2012 you now have only until midnight on 28th May 2012 to make a request for retrieval.

If you do not make a request for retrieval within this time, any files held by IAS cannot be retrieved and we will then aim to have them securely destroyed.

Should you require your file, please contact us and provide us with your name and as many other contact details as you can. It would be better if you could complete the attached form providing us with as much information as you can to enable us to locate your file.

We will do our best to find any file requested, but we are relying on the IAS computer system to show us where a file is located and the system may contain errors. We will use any details you provide to help us find your file, but we cannot guarantee that we will find each file requested. Also, even if we locate a reference to your file, we cannot guarantee that it will be in the location listed. Again we will do our best with the IAS computer system. The Administrators aim to have any files not retrieved securely destroyed..

Please note that, if we are able to locate your file, it will be retrieved and sent you to as soon as practicable after 28 May 2012.

Urgent Request for Files

If you need your file urgently, for example because you have a court or tribunal hearing in the near future or need to make an urgent application, please let us know quickly and explain the reason as to why you need your file urgently.

Again it would be better if you can do this on the form providing as much detail as possible.

Urgent requests will be dealt with as soon as possible.

If you have already made a request for a file to be retrieved we are already taking steps to locate and retrieve your file. If you do re-submit your request using this form, please let us know on the form that this is what you are doing and also let us know if you have changed your address.

Any requests received after midnight on 28 May 2012 will not be considered.

Please return your completed form by one of the following methods:

Email (preferred):

Fax: 020 7268 2151

Post: Immigration Advisory Service
C/O Cork Gully LLP
52 Brook Street

Or contact us by telephone on 0207 268 2150

If you contact us by telephone please have ready as many details as you can to assist us in seeking to locate your file.