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Shazia Riaz

Immense expertise in domestic and honour based violence against women in Pakistan, and also an advocate of how pro-women laws in Pakistan are not greatly implemented.

Shazia Riaz
Phd fellow and lawyer

Over 15-years experience dealing with domestic violence, honour violence cases from Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent and other countries. Dissertation in LLM on discrimination of Muslim women in employment in the UK. PhD thesis based on domestic violence and asylum-seeking women from Pakistan and how receiving countries, UK, France and Belgium discriminate such women with their mono laws and rules. Also, the non-implementation of pro-women laws in Pakistan and the fact that the community holds a large say in women’s lives making it hard and nearly impossible for such women to return to Pakistan or internally relocate, if they have a well-founded fear of returning. Working closely with the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in gaining knowledge on how laws are actually implemented and to what extent for the protection of women and also if Hudood Laws counter affect such pro-women laws.


The Expert has not only visited Pakistan many times but has also lived there as a woman and been through the experiences that a woman endures in Pakistan. She is very familiar with the ‘jirga’ settlement and ‘blood money’ and has had the chance to meet some of the prominent human rights figures and activists. She is a great advocate for women’s rights in the UK and largely advocates for women in domestic violence cases.

Urdu, Punjabi, English
Ethnic groups expertise
Pakistani, Indian, Indo-subcontinent
Political groups expertise
Religious groups expertise
Other social groups expertise
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