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Mr Rajal Muhammed

A Syrian Kurdish citizen and an Arabic-English translator who has lived in Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish parts of Kurdistan and has first-hand knowledge of the languages and dialects spoken there. 

Mr Rajal Muhammed
Linguist and Translator - Registered, legally sworn Translator

The Expert is a Syrian Kurdish citizen who has been working as an English-Arabic sworn translator, and teacher of English from 2000 to the present.

Is a member of the Sworn Translators' Body in Hassaka Governorate, Syria.

A freelance translator at ACTED NGO since 01/01/2018 to-date

Has translated the following books from English into Arabic:

No Friends but the Mountains by Harvey Morris & John Bulloch

A Modern History of the Kurds by David MacDowell

Martyrs, Patriots and Traitors – Kurdistan after the Gulf War by Sheri Laizer.

Kurdish Studies: Globalization, Religion and Politics, a collection of articles by Martin van Bruinessen

Has worked as a translator for the late Sheikh Mashouq Al-khaznawi and Mishal Tamo.

Has translated a novelette titled Ronakbir from Kurdish into English.

Has spent time in Iraqi and Turkish parts of Kurdistan, and accordingly have firsthand knowledge of the dialects spoken there.


The Expert has provided several expert reports and expert authentications to assist the courts in the UK.


No Friends but the Mountains (Translation into Arabic)

A Modern History of the Kurds (Translation into Arabic) 

Kurdish - Kurmanji, Bahdini, Arabic
Ethnic groups expertise
Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians
Religious groups expertise
Yazidis, Syrian Orthodox, Assyrians
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