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Ticky Monekosso

Journalist and researcher, with more than twenty years experience reporting on human rights, development issues and related humanitarian affairs. Has prepared a number of expert witness reports for the UK, USA and the Netherlands. Extensive base of complementary knowledge in Francophone Africa. 

Ticky Monekosso
Journalist and Researcher specialising in Sub-Sahara Africa

Native French speaking journalist and researcher who specialises in coverage of a number of Sub-Saharan African Countries.  Worked for more than twenty years as an independent journalist, reporting on human rights, development issues and humanitarian affairs in Africa, and as a correspondent at the UN’s Geneva Headquarters (1995-2005), and since 1986 to now, continues to cover African issues at the top of the international Agenda. Extensive contacts within the African Union, the United Nations System, Including the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, UNHCR and other human rights’ institutions, a large Network of African women organisations, human rights activists and defenders, a number of local and international NGOs, as well as journalist colleagues living and working in Africa to get up to date first-hand information. Has worked for the International Organisation for migrations (199-1995) as a programme support officer.  Retains regular contacts with all of them. Born in Africa; lived in both Cameroon and Congo (Brazzaville) and worked as a journalist in Congo. Continues to visit many African countries on a regular basis and roughly travels 5 to 6 times a year in Africa.  

Detailed knowledge of administrative structures such as the administration of justice in a number of Francophone African countries. Has also carried out a large number of detailed investigations into issues including research into local legal procedures and texts in order to comment on documentation – such as arrest warrants, military driving licenses, photographs, video tapes, newspaper articles, membership cards from political movements birth or marriage certificates, medical certificates, and statements and affidavits from local lawyers -- and many other individuals.  


Has prepared a number of expert witness reports, more than 50, for UK courts and Tribunal since 2002. Detailed country expertise on Sub Sahara Africa – covering the political situation, human rights and the legal system, social conditions, government and security issues, the state of public services, social and cultural attitudes, as well as religious practises. However, in work as an independent journalist, does not work solely on the basis of material that has already been published. Also carries out original interviews and makes own assessments, based on knowledge and experience. Expertise and methods of work are based on investigative journalism and research than on classical academic research.

Native French speaking journalist with English as a working language.
Ethnic groups expertise
Issues related to cross borders ethnic groups and traditional societies, or secret societies in West Africa, indigenous ethnic groups, ethnic minorities in the Horn of Africa and in the Great Lack Region, ethnic group disputes
Political groups expertise
Security forces and militia groups, military training establishments, military recruits, deserters, governments, political groups, journalists, human rights activists
Other social groups expertise
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), women and children issues, sexual minorities, Muslim communities in West Africa, human trafficking, age disputes, local language disputes, HIV/AIDS, mental illness
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