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Dr Maryyum Mehmood

The Expert is a lecturer, political analyst and cultural commentator specialising in racial and religious hatred in the UK and South Asia.

Dr Maryyum Mehmood
Centre Facilitator and Fellow, Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion, University of Birmingham.
  • Minority persecution, blasphemy and human rights issues in South Asia
  • Domestic abuse, violence against women and girls in South Asia and global diaspora  
  • Freedom of religion and belief (global)
  • Racial and religious minority rights (global) 
  • Islamist Movements, insurgencies and radicalisation in South Asia 
  • Diaspora communities and ethnic tensions 
  • Counter-terrorism policies and Muslim minorities
  • Interfaith, community cohesion and social engagement
  • Intra-faith infighting and sectarianism
  • Islamophobia in the West and East (including India, China and Myanmar)
  • Antisemitism in the UK, Europe and the US
  • Geopolitical trends and regional security in the Indian Subcontinent

The Expert has produced several independent and academic reports and consulting work for NGOs, academic working groups, and interfaith and minority advocacy groups. Their area of specialism broadly covers racial and religious hatred, prejudice, stigma and violence. They are a global expert on Xenophobia, Antisemitism, and Islamophobia, as well as sectarianism and communal violence, particularly in the Indian Subcontinent.


“Transnational Securitization of Identity: Distinctions between Securitization and ‘Othering’ of Shias in Bahrain and Pakistan,” co-authored with Dr Hasan Hafidh, Global Discourse, Vol.9, No.4, (November 2019), pp. 679-697.

- ‘Resurgence of Baluch Nationalism in Pakistan: How can it be explained?’ South Asia Journal, (Issue, 14 Autumn 2015).

- Book review of Chebel d'Appollonia, A. (2012): ‘Frontiers of fear: Immigration and insecurity in the United States and Europe,’ Defence Studies, 15(4), (Aug 2015) pp. 378–379.

- ‘The Role of Self-Esteem in Understanding Prejudice’ Chapter 15 Muslims in Britain and Europe, Volume1, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (May 2015).

- ‘Memory, Identity, and Extremism in the Ayodhya Dispute,’ E-IR, (April 2013).

English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
Ethnic groups expertise
Shia-Sunni relations in Pakistan and wider South Asia region. Muslim and Christian minorities in India, and wider South Asia region. Muslims and Jews in the UK and Europe
Political groups expertise
The expert's expertise covers political groups and radical factions (both religious and far-right) pertaining to South Asia and Europe.
Religious groups expertise
Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.
Other social groups expertise
Education Empowerment, Women’s Rights, Youth Societies and Children’s Rights Advocacy, Citizenship Revocation, and LGBT+ issues
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