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Thomas McGee

Expert on stateless Kurds of Syria, and authentication of documents related to stateless Kurds (ajanib & maktumeen). Speaks Arabic and Kurdish (Kurmanci dialect).

Thomas McGee
PhD Researcher and Statelessness Consultant

The Expert is a researcher and humanitarian practitioner, specializing in cases of stateless Kurds from Syria. He speaks Arabic and Kurdish (Kurmanci dialect) and has conducted extensive field research with Syrian/Kurdish communities since 2009. The Expert graduated from Cambridge University and holds MA in Kurdish Studies from Exeter University, writing his thesis on the situation of stateless Kurds from Syria. He has published on Kurdish statelessness in Tilburg Law Review and contributed to the MENA Nationality and Statelessness Research Project. Meanwhile, The Expert has worked with several humanitarian agencies, including UNHCR. He is currently a PhD researcher working on Syria’s Changing Statelessness Landscape.


Provided expert reports, especially on stateless Kurds, with additional review of documentation specific to stateless Kurds of Syria (ajanib and maktumeen).

Cited in several Country of Origin reports:

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Publications on Statelessness in Syria (particular focus on Stateless Kurds)

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Statelessness and Inclusion’s Statelessness Working Paper Series:

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The Stateless Syrians, (2013) Tilburg University Statelessness Programme (Field Research: Thomas McGee):

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Other Publications on Syria/Kurds

Local cross-line coordination in Syria (2019) United States Institute of Peace (co-authored with Natasha Hall & Benjamin Smith):

'Nothing is ours anymore' – HLP rights violations in Afrin, Syria (2019) Friedrich Ebert Stiftung:

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Syria's Kurds: part of the revolution? (2012) The Guardian:

Kurdish (Kurmanci dialect), Arabic
Ethnic groups expertise
Kurdish (from Syria)
Other social groups expertise
Stateless Kurds of Syria
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