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Bashar H. Malkawi

The Expert is Dean and Professor of Law at University of Sharjah, where he currently teaches corporate law, immigration law, and international trade. In past years, he has also taught intellectual property. He received his S.J.D from American University, Washington College of Law, and LLM from University of Arizona.

The Expert previously taught at universities in Jordan, UAE, Italy, and United States. Prof. The Expert is a prolific scholar, whose work covers a variety of subjects. He has written over 70 articles for law reviews and professional publications, which have appeared in such top-tier journals. The Expert is also the author of numerous books and book chapters. In addition to law articles and academic books, his op-eds and other writings have appeared in the popular press in the U.S. and the Middle East. Many of his research papers and publications have been cited extensively.

In recognition of his outstanding scholarly achievements to date, The Expert received several research awards. In addition to his scholarship, The Expert regularly provides consulting service to international organizations, governments, and multinational law firms on matters.

Countries of Expertise -  Jordan, Italy, UAE, U.S., Middle East, North Africa.

Bashar H. Malkawi
Dean and Professor of Law

Acted as experts for projects and clients on several issues involving many countries such as Iraq, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia.


Throughout the years, The Expert was involved in several donor related projects like Department for International Development (DFID) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This is in addition to providing advice to regional organizations and international law firms. Through these activities and others, The Expert produced more than 20 expert reports.


Digitalization of Trade in Free Trade Agreements with Reference to the WTO the USMCA: A Closer Look, 5 China and WTO Review 149-166 (2019).

The Burden and Order of Proof in WTO Claims: Evolving Issues, 59 International Journal of Law and Management 1220 -1235 (2017).

Come and Go? How Temporary Visa Works under U.S. Bilateral Trade Agreements with Arab countries, 24 Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law 145-158 (2010).

Internet Characteristics and Online Alternative Dispute Resolution, 13 Harvard Negotiation Law Review 327-348 (2008).

Securing Peace through Trade Dividends: Qualifying Industrial Zones between the U.S, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, 13 Currents: International Trade Law Journal 3-8 (2004).

Arabic, English
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