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Kurdistan Daloye

Legal and Linguistic expert on Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Daloye
Immigration lawyer, Legal translator and Interpreter, Lawyer in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Over the past 15 years, The Expert's field experience in Iraq  and Iraqi Kurdistan has provided them with the extensive knowledge of politics and society in Iraq, professional experience in government, academia, international organizations, companies, financial and economical institution as well as NGOs and most importantly hands on experience in the legal field.

The Expert's knowledge of international law and Iraqi Law both from their education and field experience has enabled them to become a regular speaker at conferences and work as a consultant to various organizations including UN and the world bank. Their leadership in many projects in Iraq including Women leadership projects, NGO capacity building, development and curriculum reform with universities, National and international mock bar practice for law students are all great projects that are sustained and lives on all over Iraq


The Expert has been contributing as an expert for over 20 years in the legal field.

Kurdish Sorani and Arabic.
Ethnic groups expertise
Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan based Ethnic groups.
Political groups expertise
Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan based political groups.
Religious groups expertise
Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan based religious groups.
Other social groups expertise
Iraqi and Iraqi Kurdistan Laws.
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