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Dr John R Campbell

Development Anthropologist with expert knowledge on Ethiopia and Eritrea and considerable experience in writing expert reports for the use in asylum cases. 

Dr John R Campbell
Reader in the Anthropology of Africa and the Law

Has worked since 1987 in the Horn of Africa as a development anthropologist and conducted fieldwork on Ethiopian refugees (in Ethiopia and elsewhere) and related issues. 


Since 1997 I have written 300+ expert reports for individuals seeking asylum in the UK, Israel, the USA, Hong Kong, Canada and South Africa from Ethiopia and Eritrea. My work has been cited with approval in five UK country guidance cases – IN (Draft evaders – evidence of risk) Eritrea CG [2005]UKIAT OO106, KA (draft-related risk categories updated) Eritrea CG [2005] UKAIT 00165, MA (Draft evaders – illegal departures – risk) Eritrea CG [2007] UKAIT 00059 and HB (Ethiopia EDP/UEDP members) Ethiopia CG [2004] UKIAT 00235, ST (Ethiopia – treatment of ethnic Eritreans) Ethiopia CG [2011] UKUT 00252(IAC). My 2015 review of Home Office policy evidence was relied upon by the Upper Tribunal in ‘MST, TM, AA & MYK v SSHD and UNHCR [2016].


2014. Nationalism, Law and Statelessness. Grand Illusions in the Horn of Africa. Routledge: Oxford. ISBN 978-0-415-63493-9

2017. Bureaucracy, Law and Dystopia in the United Kingdom’s Asylum System. Routledge: N.Y. & Oxford. ISBN 978-1-138-21495-8.

2011. ‘The enduring problem of statelessness in The Horn of Africa: How nation-states and western courts (re)define nationality’, International Journal of Refugee Law 23, 4: 656-679

2013. ‘Language Analysis in the United Kingdom’s Refugee Status Determination System: Seeing through policy claims about ‘Expert’ Knowledge’, Ethnic & Racial Studies 36, 4: 670-690

2013. w/ H. Yaron & Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe“Infiltrators’ or refugees? An analysis of Israel’s policies toward African asylum-seekers’, International Migration 51, 4: 144-157

2015. Review of the UK Home Office Country Information and Guidance on ‘Eritrea: National (including Military) Service’ and ‘Eritrea: Illegal Exit’. November. Chief Inspector for the UK Border Agency. Published, together with comment by the Home Office. (five appendices to the report are also available at this site). At:

2016. ‘Asylum v sovereignty in the 21st century: How nation-state’s breach international law to block access to asylum’, International Journal of Migration and Border Studies 2, 1, 24-39

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