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Dr Marouf Cabi

Historian, specialised in the history, politics and cultures of Iran and the Kurds.

Dr Marouf Cabi
Tutor in history
(BA; MA; M.Litt.; PhD)

The Expert provides reports on political situations in Iran and the Kurdish regions across Iran and Iraq. As a historian and a country-specific consultant, The Expert specialised in the history and the politics of the Middle East in general and Iran and the Kurds in particular. The Expert is a native speaker of Persian and Kurdish languages and possess valuable historiographical knowledge, as well as political and cultural insights necessary for solving complicated issues which usually involve asylum cases.


The Expert has regularly provided expert reports since 2015 with positive outcomes. The Expert manages a registered consultancy company, the Five Seas, in the UK. As a trained historian with teaching and other academic experiences, and publishing actively, The Expert provides well-researched reports based on objective evidence.

Examples of reports (for 2019 and 2020):


Iran’s healthcare; The COVID-19 pandemic; Women in Iran; Healthcare in Iran; Social media activism; Dual nationalities returning to Iran; Kolbering or cross-border trade; Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan; The Baha’i faith; The Green Movement; The Komala Party; ID authentication; language analysis.


Iraq’s healthcare; The COVID-19 pandemic; The security situation in the ‘contested areas’; the economic and political situation in Iraq and KRI; ISIS in Iraq; Post-ISIS Mosul; the (de)Baathification; the opposition in Iraq and IKR; Family feuds and eloping; Tribes and their political and economic power; Land ownership dispute.



2020 “The Roots and the Consequences of the 1979 Iranian Revolution: A Kurdish Perspective,” Middle Eastern Studies, V. 56, No. 3, 2020, DOI 10.1080/00263206.2020.1722651.


“The Last Mufti of Kurdistan and Its Revision of Kurdish History,” Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies Vol. 6, No. 3.

“Abbas Amanat, Iran: A Modern History,” Kurdish Studies Journal, Vol 7, No 1.

2018 “Amir Hassanpour and the Advance of Kurdish Social Studies in Iran”, Derwaze: Kurdish Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities 2.

2017 “The Clash of National Narratives and the Marginalisation of Kurdish-Iranian Historiography,” Contemporary Review of the Middle East, vol. 4:4.

Accepted for publication:

Book: The Formation of Modern Kurdish Society in Iran.

Article: ‘The Duality of Official and Local in Modern Iran’, Middle Eastern Studies.


Book Chapter: Sherko Bekas and the emergence of postnational literature.

Article: “The Emergence of Modern Kurdish Historiography in a Global Context”.

Under research

I currently work on two articles about contemporary Iran and one (possibly co-authored) historical article on women in the Middle Eastern nation-states.

In other languages:

Book: Pekdadani Penasekan (Kurdish: The Clash of Definitions, 2016). It is on culture.

Avin w Qin (Kurdish: Love and Hatred, 2015). Memoirs.

Iranian Kurdistan: Modernisation and Revolution (Online book in Persian, 2013).

Dashti Dareh (Kurdish: the Dareh Fields, 2013). Memoirs.

Article: “Writing History to Serve Policy,” [in Kurdish], Derwaze: Kurdish Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities 3.

Media Activity

Writing articles for mainstream Kurdish newspapers in Iraq Kurdistan.

Television interviews with Kurdish programmes on history, culture, and current affairs.

Conference & seminar papers, workshops

2019 40 Years After the Iranian Revolution, University of St Andrews: “A 1979 Kurdish Perspective.”

2018 Iranian-Kurdish Cultural Production, University of Exeter: “The Duality of Official & Local in Cultural Encounters in Modern Iran.”

2018 Kurdish Poetry Translation Workshop, University of Exeter:

2017 Contemporary Kurdish Literature, seminar co-organiser, University of St Andrews: “Sherko Bekas and Post- National Kurdish Literature.”

2016 Culture and Cultural Production in Iran: Past and Present, panel organiser, University of St Andrews: “Modernity and Nationalising Kurdish Culture and History.”

2013 Kurdish Scientific Congress, Erbil, Kurdistan.

Public lectures

2020 Webinar: What is History?

Webinar: The Left & Religion in Kurdistan.

2019 Kurdish-Iranian Community in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Kurdish-Iranian Community in Stockholm, Sweden.

2018 Political Islam, Iran and the Kurds, online presentation.

Peer review activity

Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies; Kurdish Studies Journal; Kurdish Studies; International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

Darwaze-Kurdish Journal of Social Sciences.

Awards: 2015 Outstanding achievement: Deans' List, Master of Literature, University of St Andrews.

Community Service: British Red Cross, Refugee Support, London, UK; Kurdish Human Rights-London

Persian: native; Kurdish: native; English: proficient; Arabic & Turkish: limited text competence.
Ethnic groups expertise
Iran: Kurds, Azaris (Iranian Turkish), Iranian Baluchis, Turkomans. Iraq: Kurds
Political groups expertise
The Kurdish political parties in Iran and Iraq.
Left wing and other oppositional parties in Iran.
Faith-based organisations in Iran and Iraq.
Religious groups expertise
The Sunni and Shia communities
The Failis
The Baha’is
The Yarsans, Ahle Haq, or Kaka’i
Other social groups expertise
Groups which shape civil society movements in Iran and Iraq. For example, those engaged with labour, student, women, cultural and literary activism.
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