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Dr Marouf Cabi

Historian, specialised in the history, politics and cultures of Iran and the Kurds.

Dr Marouf Cabi
Tutor in history
(BA; MA; M.Litt.; PhD)

The Expert provides reports on political situations in Iran and the Kurdish regions across Iran and Iraq. The Expert is an historian and an analyst specialised in the history and the politics of the Middle East in general and Iran and the Kurds in particular. The Expert is a native speaker of Persian and Kurdish languages and possess valuable historiographical knowledge, as well as political and cultural insights necessary for solving complicated issues which usually involve asylum cases.


The Expert has a few years of experience in expert report writing independently with positive outcomes. As a trained historian, currently teaching and publishing actively, The Expert provides well-researched reports which are also significantly based on academically reliable sources.  

Recent examples of expert reports:

-        social media activism in Iran (Aug. 2019).

-        the Bahais of Iran (Apr. 2019).

-        the humanitarian consequences of the rule of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Mosul and its surrounding areas, including Bashiqa, 2014-2016 (Nov. 2018).

-        the political activities of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan’s and the distribution of leaflets by its sympathisers or members (Aug. 2018).

the Islamic Republic of Iran’s punishment of its Kurdish citizens for alleged connections to the Kurdish armed opposition amid the state’s ongoing violation of human rights (Jul. 2018).


The following published or forthcoming works indicate active research on the relevant countries and demonstrate The Expert's academic and research ability to deal with various questions.


-        “The Roots and the Consequences of the 1979 Iranian Revolution: A Kurdish Perspective,” Middle Eastern Studies, Jan. 2020, DOI 10.1080/00263206.2020.1722651.

-         “The Last Mufti of Kurdistan and Its Revision of Kurdish History,” Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies Vol. 6, No. 3 (December-2019), pp. 1-12.

This article discusses religious and secular nationalism in contemporary Kurdish societies in Iran and Iraq.

-        Book Review: “Abbas Amanat, Iran: A Modern History, Kurdish Studies Journal, Vol 7, No 1 (2019), pp. 106-110.

It analyses the political situation of the Kurds in contemporary Iran.

-        “Amir Hassanpour and the Advance of Kurdish Social Studies in Iran”, Derwaze: Kurdish Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities 2 (Apr. 2018), pp. 82-95.

It includes a discussion on Kurdish academic under the Islamic Republic of Iran.

-         “The Clash of National Narratives and the Marginalisation of Kurdish-Iranian Historiography,” Contemporary Review of the Middle East, vol. 4:4 (Dec. 2017), pp. 335-355.

This article is essential for gaining historical perspectives on the Kurds living in the countries of the region.


Forthcoming articles and books:

-        “The Duality of Official and Local in Modern Iran: Historical and Ideological Foundations”, Kurdish Studies Journal.

It is an analysis of linguistic and cultural situations in Iran.

-        The Formation of Modern Kurdish Society in Iran: Modernity, Modernisation, and Social Change, Cambridge University Press.

Examples of publications in Kurdish and Persian:

Iranian Kurdistan: Modernisation and Revolution (Online book in Persian, 2013).

Kurdish, Persian.
Ethnic groups expertise
Kurds, Persians, Azari (Iranian Turkish). Iranian Baluchis, Turkoman and Arabs.
Political groups expertise
The Kurdish political parties in Iran and Iraq
Left wing and other oppositional parties in Iran
Faith-based organisations in Iran and Iraq
Religious groups expertise
The Sunni and Shia communities
The Alavi (Shia) Kurds
The Baha'is
The Zoroastrians
Other social groups expertise
Groups which shape civil society movements in Iran and Iraq. For example, those engaged with labour, student, women, cultural and literary activism.
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