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Roger Ballard

Vast experience of civil and criminal expert reports in addition to reports for immigration proceedings: frequently involved in cases where the internal dynamics of unfamiliar family structures are the central source of contention and/or confusion

Roger Ballard
Centre for Applied South Asian Studies


COUNTRY VISITS: Multiple visits over past 30 years to Indian and Pakistani Punjab

SPECIFIC 'AREAS' OF STUDY/EXPERTISE: Ethnicity and the law; especially cases where the internal dynamics of unfamiliar family structures are the central source of contention and/or confusion


FURTHER DETAILS: See the website of the 'Centre for Applied South Asian Studies'


Has produced more than 600 reports, and given oral evidence in well over 50 cases, no less in the Family, Civil and Criminal proceedings than in the Tribunal.


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Further details of publications on the CASAS  website

Spoken Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
Ethnic groups expertise
Hindu and Sikh Jullunduris, Azad Kashmiris
Religious groups expertise
Muslim, Christians and Ahmadis in Pakistan; Hindus, Sikhs in India
Other social groups expertise
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