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Dr. Awol Allo

Specialist in political violence, human rights, rule of law, democratization, and security and justice with a particular expertise on social/ethnic/political groups at risk of persecution in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan. Experience in writing expert reports for asylum cases. 

Dr. Awol Allo

Human rights, rule of law, democratization, security and justice with expert knowledge on Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and experience in writing expert reports for asylum cases. 


Native of the Horn of Africa with extensive understanding of the cultural, political, and security dynamics in the region. The expert has written reports for asylum cases in relation to Ethiopia. The expert has published extensively on the politics of the region and I am regular contributor and Op-ed writer on regional politics.


Allo A. (Forthcoming, 2017) Protest, Security, and Development: On Ethiopia’s State of Emergency, The Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal, Vol. 17.

Allo A. (2016) Marwan Barghouti in Tel Aviv: Occupation, Terrorism, and Resistance in the Courtroom, Social and Legal Studies

Allo A. The Courtroom as a Site of Epistemic Resistance: Mandela at Rivonia, Law, Culture and the Humanities, DOI: DOI: 10.1177/1743872116643274

Allo A. and Tesfaye B. (2015) Spectacles of Illegality: Mapping Ethiopia’s Show Trials, African Identities: DOI: 10.1080/14725843.2015.1087305

Allo A. (2015) The Courtroom as a Space of Resistance, in Awol Allo, The Courtroom as a Space of Resistance: Reflections on the Legacy of the Rivonia Trial (eds.), 1-20

 Allo A. (2015) ‘Black Man in a White Man’s Court’: Mandela’s Performative Genealogies, in Allo A., The Courtroom as Space of Resistance: Reflections on the Legacy of the Rivonia Trial (eds.) 189-212

 Allo A. (2012) Review Essay, Law and the Stranger, New Criminal Law Review 15: 333- 343.

Allo A. (2010) The Show in the Show Trials: Re-contextualizing the Politicization of Truth and Justice in the Courtroom, Barry Law Review 15, 41-72

Allo A. (2010) Ethiopia’s Military Intervention in Somalia: Assessing the Legality of SelfDefense in Response to the Threat of Terrorism, Den. J. Int. L. & Pol. 39, 139-167

 Allo A. (2009) Mayhem in Darfur: The Accountability, Peace and Immunity Debate, Mizan Law Review 3, 70-104

Allo A. (2009) Derogations or Limitations: Rethinking the African Human Rights System of derogation in the Light of the European System, Journal of Ethiopian Legal Education, 2, 21-52

Allo A. (2009) Counter-intervention, Invitation, Both or Neither: An Appraisal of the Ethiopian Military Intervention in Somalia, Mizan Law Review, 3, 201-239

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Oromo (Mother tongue), Amharic (fluent), English (fluent)
Ethnic groups expertise
Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Eritrea, Somali, Dinka, and Nuere
Political groups expertise
The Oromo Liberation Front, the Ogaden National Liberation Front, Amhara National Democratic Movement, The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front
Religious groups expertise
Islam, Orthodox, Waaqefata
Other social groups expertise
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