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Simon Allison

The Expert is an experienced foreign correspondent and researcher specialising in African politics, governance and human rights issues.

Simon Allison
Journalist and Researcher (Specialising in Africa)

The Expert is one of South Africa’s most experienced foreign correspondents. He has reported for more than a decade from all over the African continent, and is currently the Africa Editor at the Mail & Guardian newspaper. His work has included ground-breaking investigations into corruption, sexual harassment and human rights abuses. He is also a research consultant at the Institute for Security Studies, one of Africa’s largest think tanks, and has worked with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation for African Governance, Amnesty International and the Bertelsmann Transformation Index.


The Expert has reported from and conducted research in dozens of African countries, and has produced hundreds of news reports, analyses, features, investigations and papers over the course of the last decade.


The villages in Malawi that prepared for the floods - and survived, Mail & Guardian (

Central African Republic: the state that doesn’t exist, Mail & Guardian (

Somaliland at the Crossroads: Protecting a Fragile Stability, Institute for Security Studies (

Zimbabwe: After the crackdown, the purge, Mail & Guardian (

English - fluent. French - intermediate. Arabic - intermediate.
Political groups expertise
Significant experience reporting on opposition leaders and parties across sub-Saharan Africa.
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