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Omer Ahmed

Omer is a Somali speaking solicitor (presently non-practicing), with expertise on all aspects of irregular migration from Africa and Yemen. He is based in the region with offices in the UK, and with extensive experience of delivering clear concise and cogent subject matter expertise to UK courts.

Omer Ahmed

Advised UK Department for International Development, European Union, International Organisation for Migration and UN Office on Drugs and Organised Crime, with expertise on identifying and enhancing pertinent country information in relation to conflict dynamics, human rights, rule of law, security and governance in relation to all aspects of irregular migration and SGBV.

Omer Ahmed, presently advises a wide range of NGOs including Norwegian and Danish Refugee Council, Medcines San Frontiers and other INGOs providing humanitarian services to IDPs, asylees and refugees across East Africa, and has led and undertaken Immigration, Human Rights and Security sector assessments for the FCO, EU and UN.

Omer Ahmed is also a Deployed Civilian Expert with the UK Stabilisation Unit and Member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office cadre of expert on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI).


Omer has produced numerous reports for immigration appeals, with particular expertise in fresh claims based on risks facing asylees of membership of PSGs based on tribal, ethnic and /or Sexual and Gender Based Violence. Omer Ahmed experts reports have been positively received and commended by judicial panels.

Omer Ahmed has contributed to numerous human rights oriented amendments to asylum and immigration bills. During his time as Head of Migrants Workers Support, Omer led the trade union movement in the UK and EU to develop and strengthen legal protection for migrant workers across Europe, in relation to human trafficking for labour exploitation (slavery).

Omer Ahmed was also instrumental in establishing UK Parliaments All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration, to provide a locus and platform for cross party political dialogue, informed by objective empirical data.

Omer has appeared before parliamentary select committees to give evidence on migration, before both the upper and lower houses of parliament.

Arabic, Somali, Swahili.
Ethnic groups expertise
Expertise in relation to clan dynamics across East Africa and Yemen, Specific expertise in relation to Somali clan composition and regional affiliations.
Political groups expertise
Expertise in relation to clan dynamics across East Africa and Yemen, Specific expertise in relation to Somali clan composition, regions, with identification and analysis of pertinent conflict dynamics.
Religious groups expertise
As above.
Other social groups expertise
Expertise in relation to membership of PSGs across the East Africa and Yemen
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