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One Pump Court: Summer Immigration Webinars series

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Seminars & events

2 Jun 2021
Health Cases in Immigration Law
In this webinar, Priya, Catherine and Daniel will cover: analysis of the judgment in AM Zimbabwe; advice on preparing and arguing Article 3 ECHR health cases; advice on preparing and arguing health...
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9 Jun 2021
Challenging Delay by Judicial Review
The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated a situation which was already prevalent with Home Office decision making: long delays. Priya Solanki and Angelina Nicolaou will discuss bringing judicial review.
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16 Jun 2021
Negligence in immigration cases.
This webinar is essential for immigration practitioners wishing to avoid or defend negligence claims or 'Hamid referrals', and for professional negligence lawyers litigating immigration advice.
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24 Jun 2021
Capacity and Litigation Friends in the Immigration Tribunal
Client incapacity can present challenges for any lawyer. Depending on our previous exposure and training, it can be daunting: challenging our professional ethical instincts, and engaging law which...
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1 Jul 2021
Preparing deportation appeals in this virtual world
In this webinar David Chirico and Catherine Robinson will provide a recap of the law relating to deportation appeals with a focus on recent case law on family life, private life and revocation.
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7 Jul 2021
Discrimination in Immigration
Emma Stuart King will give an introduction to the uses and limitations of the Equality Act 2010 and Article 14 ECHR in Immigration cases. The webinar will also discuss how these laws can be used to...
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15 Jul 2021
Hong Kong nationals & BNO status and Video link evidence from abroad
This webinar will cover two cover two different topics. Matthew Moriarty will explore recent developments in British Nationality law, with particular reference to Hong Kong and British National...
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20 Jul 2021
Civil Penalties and Forfeiture
In this webinar Allan will cover the Civil Penalties for Employers scheme, with emphasis on how to ensure employers do not become liable to a penalty and if one is issued how to object to it ...
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