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Pacific Legal Training - OISC Level 2 Course

Course Content

Our OISC Level 2 Courses are intermediate-level immigration courses and cover:

  • The scope of OISC Level 2 accreditation
  • The OISC Level 2 competence assessment
  • The Immigration Rules and Leave outside the Rules
  • The European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Article 8 case law
  • Asylum, Refugee status and Humanitarian Protection status – procedure and case law
  • British citizenship and statelessness
  • Immigration offences and civil penalties
  • Rights of challenge and appeals to the First-Tier Tribunal (IAC)
  • Detention and Bail

Course delegates are provided with an opportunity, on the day, to look at past OISC Level 2 exam questions to hone their technique and knowledge.

Free Handbook 

All course delegates receive a free handbook, emailed before the course begins. We also provide hard-copy an OISC book and resource book.

Why take our Level 2 Course?

  • We help you pass the OISC exam first-time with our Mock Papers and OISC courses.
  • We have excellent reviews and are trusted by customers across the United Kingdom.
  • Qualifying delegates are invited to join our exclusive WhatsApp club, for networking and peer-to-peer learning
  • You'll receive course recordings, so you can listen back as much as you'd like. 

How can we help you pass the OISC exam?

Alongside taking our OISC course, our OISC Mock Papers are a perfect way to help you prepare for and pass the OISC Level 2 exam. Delegates qualify for a discount. 

Who teaches the OISC Level 2 course?

Our OISC Course trainer is Oliver. Oliver is an expert in immigration law and has been registered with the OISC at Level 3 for 15+ years. He has helped multiple firms become OISC-accredited, receives excellent reviews from OISC course attendees and shall provide you with the best and most up-to-date information to help you prepare for and pass the OISC Level 2 exam.

Where does the OISC Course take place?

The OISC Level 2 course takes place online and we use Microsoft Teams, which is an easy platform to use and very similar to Zoom. In order to facilitate a classroom-like experience, we request delegates to appear on camera for the duration of the course.

How much does the OISC Level 2 Course cost?

The course costs £200.00. Please note that we do not charge any additional VAT.

How do I book onto the OISC course?

You can book onto our AugustOISC Level 2 course here on our website.

Interested in other OISC and CPD courses?

We'd love for you to join our immigration law courses. See the full list of courses here on our website.


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