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Pacific Legal Training - intermediate-level EUSS course

Course Content 

Join Pacific Legal Training on this intermediate-level EUSS course where we’ll be looking at dealing with late EUSS applications and applications involving excessive absences, along with exploring the current situation with dependants.

The EUSS Course covers the following topics:

  • Late EUSS applications
  • Applications involving excessive absences
  • Rights of Administrative Review and Appeal
  • The current situation with dependant relatives
  • A refresher of the broader changes

Who Is The Course for?

  • Solicitors, paralegals and IAAS caseworkers
  • OISC immigration advisers
  • EU nationals who need to understand where they or their family members stand
  • UK employers with a workforce comprising EU nationals

Where does the Course take place?

The intermediate-level EUSS Course takes place online using Microsoft Teams -  an easy platform to use similar to Zoom. In order to facilitate a classroom-like experience, we request all delegates to appear on camera for the duration of the course.

Who teaches the EUSS Course?

Oliver Westmoreland shall be delivering this intermediate-level course. Oliver has 15 years’ experience as a Level 3 adviser and has received excellent feedback from previous delegates.

How long does the Course last?

This intermediate EUSS Course is a 2-hour course, beginning at 10.00am and ending at approximately 12.00pm. There will be a short comfort break at around 11.00am.

Additional Support

We also offer immigration law courses, IAAS coursesOISC Level 1 Courses, OISC Level 2 Courses and OISC Level 3 Courses.

How much does the EUSS Course cost?

The course costs £75.00, including VAT.

Online - Microsoft Teams
Pacific Legal Training
Oliver Westmoreland
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