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LAWBizTech: Immigration Conference (Birmingham)

This full day conference is presented by Priya Solanki and Adam Pipe.

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These highly experienced immigration barristers will deliver updates on the latest immigration law issues and will provide invaluable advice pertinent to today.

This course is aimed at qualified immigration law practitioners.

Fresh Asylum and Human Rights Claims

Presented By Priya Solanki

Guidance on making further submissions following a failed asylum or human rights claim

• An overview of the further submissions application and decision process, including (a) the submission of fresh claims in person, (b) the ability to waive the in person requirement, (c) cases managed in detention, (d) dealing with dependants, (e) considering section 4 support issues

• A consideration of the applicability of paragraph 353 of the immigration rules to particular claims, including (a) previously withdrawn claims, (b) previously certified claims, (c) returning individuals, (d) previously certified claims

• Practical tips and advice on evidence and preparation of further submissions

Health Cases in Immigration

Presented By Priya Solanki

A summary of recent law on healthcare cases in immigration

• A detailed analysis of the case law prior to and following the decision in Paposhvili

• Advice on preparing and arguing Article 3 ECHR cases

• Advice on preparing and arguing Article 8 ECHR cases

• A consideration of some of useful UKVI policy guidance in the area

Certified Asylum and Human Rights Decisions

Presented By Priya Solanki

A summary of the relevant law, including recent case law and policy guidance on certification

• A detailed analysis of the case law on certification

• Consideration of the usefulness of UKVI Policy Guidance on certifications

• Practical tips on preparing applications to prevent certification

• Advice and examples of successfully challenging certifications by judicial review

‘Doing it for the Kids’ Article 8 and Children

Presented By Adam Pipe

This session will consider Article 8, Families and Children

• To understand the law relating to Article 8 and children

• To review the latest case law developments in respect of children

• To give delegates a tactical understanding of the best way to present cases involving families with children

‘In, Out and Shake it all About’ EEA law & Brexit

Presented By Adam Pipe

This session will update practitioners on the latest legal developments in respect of EEA law & Brexit

• To update delegates on EEA law.

• To understand the legal position for EU law nationals and their dependents post Brexit.

• To consider the latest case law in respect of EEA Law.

• To help practitioners advise clients in a period of legal uncertainty

Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights Case Law Update

Presented By Adam Pipe

This session provides an update on all of the latest key cases from the last 6 months or so, including Judicial Review cases.

• To update delegates on the latest key developments in immigration, asylum and human rights law.

• To provide delegates with an understanding of recent case law and how this will affect their day to day work.

• This session will ensure that delegates have a grasp on the latest changes and can provide their clients with the best advice.

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