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JCWI Webinar: A new immigration 2021 – are you ready? Dec 20

Webinar- A new immigration 2021 – are you ready? Dec 20

Start: 7th December, 2020 at 2:00pm
End: 7th December, 2020 at 5:15pm
Trainer: Rimmy Bedi
Level: All Levels
CPD: 3hrs

Online training: we will send a link to attend the course, hosted on Zoom, prior to the training.

The new points-based immigration system in place from January 2021

Rimmy Bedi Whaley will be discussing the imminent changes to the Immigration Rules – and the practical impact for immigration practitioners and their clients.

Now is the time to do a health check to ensure you are aware of the new requirements.

• How UK companies can prepare for the changes now
• The new route for skilled workers– how will this work and what do they need to show
• Detailed analysis of the new points-based system
• If a UK company is not able to pay the appropriate salary how will "trading points" be applied and what else is needed for a successful application to work in the UK
• Will there be a route for the non-skilled workers
• Discussions on alternative options for EU nationals to enter for work to the UK
• Case studies and discussions on the new process.

Join us to discuss how this new point-based system will work.

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